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All About Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Wife and Their Family Life


Hollywood star Joseph Gordon-Levitt has had an impressive acting career that dates back to the 90s. But is his personal life with his wife of seven years, Tasha McCauley, just as remarkable? Find out who Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s wife is.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley may have been married for less than ten years, but the actor’s career spans over 30 years. The American actor and filmmaker rose to fame after starring in the comedy series ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ in 1996.

He won two YoungStar Awards for his role in six seasons and shared three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations. Joseph received numerous other accolades for his performances, including a nomination for a Golden Globe Best Actor and a Young Artist Award for his role in “A River Runs Through It” in 1992.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt attends Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis on July 14, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

Being such an accomplished star is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s personal life equally impressive. Here’s everything we found out about his wife, Tasha McCauley, and their private family life.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s wife, Tasha McCauley, is an astute person who has described herself as a lover of art and science. She’s a technology entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.

Moreover, the actor’s wife also revealed that she is both optimistic and skeptical. She explained that she was confident because the stranger had shown her incredible possibilities and she was skeptical because she was constantly pushing the boundaries to understand how things worked.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley attend Hilarity for Charity’s 5th Annual Los Angeles Variety Show: Seth Rogen’s Halloween on October 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

Tasha McCauley seems quite knowledgeable and competent and is very influential in the AI ​​and robotics industry. According to his LinkedIn profile and others online profileslike her Twitter account, the actor’s wife has been in the science world for years.

She started as a lecturer in robotics and artificial intelligence. Tasha became a director of numerous organizations including Autodesk Innovation Lab, OpenAI, and Tenth to the Ninth Plus Foundation, where she held her position for over ten years.

After serving as a director of various organizations, Tasha eventually started her own business in 2011. She co-founded Fellow Robots in 2011, a robotics company located at NASA Research Park.

Tasha McCauley, Director of Business Development for Geosim attends the 2014 Kairos Global Summit at The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Nigel on October 17, 2014 in Dana Point, California. | Source: Getty Images

This company provides solutions for retailers, and one of their best-known inventions is the NAVii robot, which can perform inventory audits and scan products in a store. She was with the company for three years, stepping down in 2014.

In 2018, Tasha became a board member of OpenAI and technology company GeoSim Systems. She is currently still a member of both of these societies.

She eventually became CEO of GeoSim Systems in 2019. GeoSim Systems helps create realistic 3D models of different cities through their technology.

Tasha is at the forefront of technology so advanced and incredibly detailed that it is said to have the potential to revolutionize urban planning.

Regarding her education, Tasha graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Bard College in 2004. She also earned a Masters of Business Administration in 2014 from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

Despite this woman’s incredible talent in the world of technology and science, she always knows the importance of giving back. Tasha is also a certified New York State firefighter and has volunteered with the Rhinebeck Fire Department for over two years.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley onstage at the Hilarity for Charity’s 5th Annual Los Angeles Variety Show: Seth Rogen’s Halloween on October 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


It’s unclear when Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley started dating; however, the actor mentioned in a 2013 interview that he had a girlfriend.

The ‘Don Jon’ actor revealed on The Howard Stern Show that he’s dating someone who’s ‘not in show business’. Joseph went on to say, “The girl I’m with, she really doesn’t want to be part of it.”

The star didn’t even reveal who his girlfriend was at the time and said he wasn’t sure about getting married in the future. However, the following year, the “Looper” actor secretly married his girlfriend, Tasha McCauley.

The couple tied the knot at their home on December 20, 2014. Unlike most celebrities who hold large wedding ceremonies and share details of their nuptials with the public, the couple have never revealed any details about their wedding. or on the filmmaker’s proposal to his girlfriend.

It’s no surprise, though, as the “500 Days of Summer” actor opened up about how much he likes to keep his wife and family out of the spotlight.


The 41-year-old actor and his entrepreneur wife are parents to two boys. Joseph and Tasha welcomed their first child in August 2015. About two years later, they welcomed their second baby boy in June 2017.

In 2020, the actor revealed how much he and his sons love to dance. The star, who can sing and dance, said her sons adore Gregory Hines and Gene Kelly. He said his children thought he was a great dancer and those times with them were fantastic for him.

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars preferred to protect her children’s privacy. The “10 Things I Hate About You” actor explained on Live With Kelly & Michael why he had to keep his kids out of the spotlight. Joseph said:

“My son, he’s just a baby, you know? He didn’t make a choice to be in the public eye, and that’s a choice I wish he could make when he will be bigger. And so, for now, I’m just a protective dad and I want to protect his privacy.”

The doting dad always gushes about his boys in interviews, and the three seem to have a great relationship.

Joseph and Tasha will continue to love raising their little ones privately and enjoying all those moments without any distractions. Good for them!


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