Amazon shoppers swear by this $17 aftershave for smooth summer skin

Wondering what your fellow Amazon shoppers think? See the following reviews.

“This stuff is magic in a bottle!! I battled extremely severe folliculitis for years and nothing would work to help it. I tried just about EVERYTHING and nothing. I would have horrible bumps, tingling and burning. This stuff helped me after just one use! Although it didn’t completely go away after one use, using it with multiple uses completely eliminated the redness and bumps!!! This stuff is a lifesaver!”

“To be honest, I thought it was going to be ineffective, but it really worked really well. I have sensitive skin and I’m also really bad at being a human being and doing things that human beings do, so I have a lot of ingrown hairs I used it after I shaved a few times and now my legs are the kind of dolphin I feel my legs I just shaved smoothly that we all want in this cold and cold world dark.”

“I’ve used this product about three times and it basically worked overnight.”

“I took a chance on this product after seeing it in a BuzzFeed article, and I’m so thrilled! This product is the most effective way I’ve found to treat razor burn and hair I have sensitive skin and am allergic to so many things, however, I had no issues with this product. I will definitely be recommending it when I run out!”

“I’m not kidding, it’s amazing. Y’aaalllllll…Let me tell ya. I received this product in the mail LAST NIGHT and am already writing a five star review. I’m Caucasian with very thick brown hair and shaving have been an ordeal for me since I started in 8th grade. I can’t shave my legs if I’m even a little cold, I can’t use shaving cream (only regular unscented soap), and I MUST 100% dry thoroughly with a towel afterwards. Oh and forget to use ANY type of moisturizer on my skin after shaving (even 2 days after). Talk about painful. I figured razor burn was just something I would have to live with for the rest of my life and somehow learned to deal with it. NOT ANYMORE! After ONE use of this product, after shaving last night, the razor burn was gone from my legs. I even dabbed it on my bikini line which is riddled with ingrown and nasty red bumps and those are already starting to fade too! I was so nervous about what the products had done before (ie moisturizers causing red rashes) and it started to tingle a bit at first but subsided within a minute . I’m free! No need to hide my legs anymore. I’m so happy, y’all.”

“I have always been in awe of women who have silky smooth legs and wondered what I was missing. Tend Skin is what I was missing! I wish I had found this ten years ago. My legs (and my arms…I have small bumps on the back of my arms above my elbow) have never felt so smooth! Even my husband commented and asked what I was doing different. is such a wonderful product, and I always make sure I have a backup on hand so I don’t run out!”


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