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Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix Mother: Who is Alex Spendolini? Net worth in 2022 with Fred Sirieix

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Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix Mother: Who is Alex Spendolini? British professional pilot Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix’s parents are Fred Sirieix, Butler, and Alex Spendolini.

She rose to prominence in the media after winning gold at the 2020 FINA Diving Grand Prix. She has represented the UK as a global spokesperson since the age of 15.

Career highlights since 2018 include victories in events such as the British Diving Championships, Women’s 10m Synchronized, European Junior Championships, Women’s Synchronized and Women’s 10m Platform.

Spendolini-Sirieix, who turned 17, won gold in the women’s 10m platform on her Commonwealth Games debut in 2022.

She was born in London, England on September 11, 2004. At the 2020 FINA Diving Grand Prix, she won her first solo international gold medal and was a finalist for the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year award.

Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix Mother: Who is Alex Spendolini?

Alex Spendolini is the mother of Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix and ex-wife of French hotel host Fred Siriex. Her real name is Alessandra Spendolini.

A romantic relationship existed between Italian Alex Spendolini and French hotel manager Fred Sirix. They share a house with their two children, Andrea and Lucien.

Fred Sieriex has been romantically involved with Andrea’s mother since 1998. However, they never formally married.

They were close to getting married, but it never happened since she broke up with him after 12 years of dating. The two separated in 2010 and never reconciled.

Although the father is now raising the children, speculation about the identity of the mother has persisted. Finally, a profile of Andrea’s mother was located on social networks after numerous searches.

The British diver’s mother, Alex, whose real name is Alessandra Spendolini, was featured in a photo she uploaded.

Neither Alex Spendloni is active on Instagram nor has he been seen on any other social media sites. Reportedly, she previously went by the nickname missalessandra73. However, she just deactivated her account.

What is the net worth of Alex Spendolini and Fred Sirieix in 2022

Net worth of Alex Spendolini and Fred Sirieix is ​​not publicly disclosed. Moreover, they have so far hidden their earnings stats from the media.

Alex Spendolini has worked as a PT and S&C trainer for a considerable time. French host Fred Sirieix is ​​best known for his roles in the BBC shows Two Million Pound Menu and First Dates on Channel 4.

Until 2019, Fred served as General Manager of the Michelin-starred Galvin of Windows at the London Hilton. In addition, he founded National Server Day, the Galvin Cup, Galvin’s Chance charities, and The Art of Service training program.

In the 2019 ITV program Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip, where he starred with Gordon Ramsay and Gino D’Acampo, Andrea’s father made an appearance. Additionally, he appeared on BBC Two’s Remarkable Places to Eat (2019).


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