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Another Ukrainian terrorist attack foiled – Moscow – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union


Two Russian nationals were killed in the south of the country as they resisted arrest, according to the state security service

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia prevented a Ukrainian terrorist attack in the south of the country. The two people involved were neutralized by law enforcement officers and reportedly planned to travel to Ukraine to fight Russian forces, the FSB said.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the security service described the perpetrators as Russian nationals with criminal records and being part of a terrorist group. On the instruction of the Ukrainian special services, they were “preparing a terrorist act in the city of Chegem of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic”, located in the North Caucasus near the Georgian border.

“After committing the crime, they planned to leave for Ukraine to participate in hostilities against the Russian armed forces,” added the FSB.

The two terrorists were killed in the nearby town of Nalchik on Monday as they attempted to retaliate against security officers. The FSB said it found and seized explosives, an assault rifle and a handgun with ammunition at the scene. Images released by the agency showing the weapons seem to support this claim.

Ukrainian “saboteurs” killed on the border with Russia – Moscow

In recent months, amid the Ukrainian conflict, Russian security services have thwarted several attempts at sabotage and terrorist attacks on behalf of Kyiv. On Monday, the FSB intercepted a group of Ukrainian saboteurs as they attempted to enter Russian territory, four of whom were killed in a shootout.

Last month, the security agency also prevented a Ukrainian bomb attack on a market in Russia’s Zaporozhye region, as well as a plot to target a gas pipeline linking Russia and Turkey.

While Kyiv has never claimed responsibility for the incidents, Russia insists Ukraine is behind the attacks and has accused President Vladimir Zelensky of using terrorist tactics.

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