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Anya Chalotra’s parents come from different cultures and the actress ‘grew up in Bollywood’



Anya Chalotra was born to English and Indian parents who hoped their daughter would pursue a traditional career, as a doctor or journalist. However, the ‘Witcher’ star revealed that she’s loved acting since she was young.

Anya Chalotra was born in South Staffordshire, England to an English mother and an Indian father. Although the actress grew up in Europe, she felt deeply connected to her Indian roots and yearned to learn more.

After growing up watching Bollywood movies to learn about her father’s culture, Anya Chalotra developed a talent for acting and has since shared the screen with Hollywood stars like Henry Cavill.

Anya Chalotra at the UK premiere of ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 on June 28, 2023 in London, England. | Source: Getty Images

Anya Chalotra’s parents wanted her to choose a different career path

After her birth, Chalotra’s parents named her after award-winning journalist and broadcaster Anya Sitarama, hoping that their daughter would follow her college path. The actress said:

“[…] my dad usually wanted me to be a doctor or a dentist or a pharmacist or a journalist or… Anything more academic than, you know, prancing around in a suit for a living. »

Anya Chalotra and her mother at "Studio 7 By Cartier" exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery on July 21, 2021 in London, England.  |  Source: Getty Images

Anya Chalotra and her mother at the ‘Studio 7 By Cartier’ exhibition at Saatchi Gallery on July 21, 2021 in London, England. | Source: Getty Images

Despite her parents’ expectations of her, Chalotra worked hard to land a place in drama school. “I loved the feeling of acting,” Chalotra explained. Although Chalotra’s parents have different aspirations for their daughter, that hasn’t stopped them from sharing a close relationship with the actress.

In July 2021, she attends the Studio 7 By Cartier exhibition in London with her mother, and in 2022, the actress of mixed origins shares a beautiful throwback to her mother on Instagram.

Anya Chalotra feels a deep connection to her Indian ethnicity

Growing up, Chalotra’s father used to show his daughter Bollywood movies to give her a taste of their Indian culture. Although the actress loved both sides of her family equally, part of her yearned to know more about her Indian side.

And in 2019, she was able to fulfill that dream by traveling to Pathankot, Punjab, India to meet her Indian parents for the first time. The actress revealed:

“It completely touched me. It was very special to go there with my father. […] Even though we had never met, we became so close so quickly. It was everything I expected from Indian culture, where your cousins ​​are actually like your siblings.”

Chalotra had aunts and cousins ​​who still lived in India, and to get closer to her culture, ‘The Witcher’ star revealed she was taking Hindi lessons.

Acting was a way for Anya Chalotra to explore different personalities

Although being an attention-seeking middle child drove Chalotra into acting, she became a talented actress. “I was raised a lot by my Indian culture, and acting gave me the freedom to explore different personalities outside of that,” she revealed.

However, after it was announced that Liam Hemsworth would be replacing Cavill in the lead role of ‘The Witcher’, Chalotra shared, “This news has been hard to come to terms with as he is part of the family.”



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