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Are D-Dot and DD Osama Brothers? Sibling relationship explored


Are D-Dot and DD Osama Brothers? The names D-Dot, DD Osama and the late rapper Notti Osama frequently appear together. What is the relationship of the rappers to each other? Find out what it is.

Darrian Jimenez is the real name of SugarHill D-Dot. He is a rising drill rapper who has become the new online sensation in the drill scene.

Young artists are working hard to establish themselves and are increasingly interested in the profession.

At the age of 13, the young artist released his first single, The Real Purge.

DD Osama is another promising rapper. People are wondering if the two talented young artists are related. Here’s what we know about the young musician’s family, relationships and career.

Are D-Dot and DD Osama Brothers? Sibling relationship explored

SugarHill D-Dot is close friends with DD Osama and the late rapper Notti Osama.

D-dot’s friend and DD Osama’s brother – Notti Osama (real name Ethan Reyes), was fatally stabbed on July 9 this year.

Notti Osama was a 14 year old rapper. (Source: Instagram)

Various sources have also referred to DD Osama and Notti Osama as twin brothers.

Additionally, D-Dot and DD Osama carry the legacy of their loved one.

As reported by The Focus, D-Dot’s Instagram bio reads, “Everything I do from now on comes from my loved ones. He also paid tribute to fellow rapper Edot, aka Edot Baby, who died at 17.

Her IG bio also includes a reference to Notti Osama. However, SugarhillDdot seems to have deleted his Instagram account.

Likewise, DD Osama, real name David Reyes, also dedicated his works to his late brother, Notti. In his IG bion, David made it clear that everything he does is for Notti Osama.

DD Osama even dedicated a song, E4N, to Notti. The song was released on July 19, 2022 along with many other rappers.

DD Osama has done several tours. He will host a meet and greet event at Avondale Music Hall on January 13, 2023, beginning at 8 p.m. Anyone interested can purchase tickets by following the link in their Instagram bio.

Who is SugarHill D-Dot? Learn more about his career

SugarHill D-Dot has released several more songs since debuting single at age 13 in November 2021.

These songs include Nyouo Remorse, Everybody Shot, Evil Twins, GOMD, Reality, Warzone, Move It, I Wanna Love You, Miss My Brother and Dream.

He has worked with artists like Star Bella, Notti Osama, Lowkey Mali and Elias Beats.

His music videos have been produced by CPD Films, BigApeTV, Check The Footage, Klo Vizionz and JMO Productions, among others.

D-Dot and DD Osama Family, Relatives and Age

Despite the significance, there are few details about the rapper’s family. Since they are New York artists, their families must also reside in the same city.

D-Dot and DD Osama
D-Dot is an aspiring 14-year-old rapper. (Image source: YouTube)

Sugarhill D-dot was born on March 3, 2008 and is 14 years old. Similarly, DD Osama is 15 years old.

As they have achieved considerable success in their professional career, their family should be proud of them.

Net worth of D-Dot and DD Osama

New York-based rappers earn an average of $44.5,000 a year, according to Glassdoor.

Although DD Osama has only recently seen widespread success, he already seems to be doing well financially.

Also, their YouTube channel must make a significant contribution to their net worth. While SugarHill D-Dot’s YouTube channel has 168,000 subscribers, DD Osama’s channel has 431,000.

The drill rapper must be earning well with tours and gigs. We hope that DD Osama and D-Dot will continue to enjoy great success in the music industry. Residence


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