Asos shareholders called to revolt


Asos investors have been asked to reject or abstain on a series of proposals at the next general meeting of shareholders on January 11.

The recommendation comes from a report by shareholder advisory service Pirc which criticized chief executive José Antonio Ramos Calamonte’s potential payout for 2022, which it said could be as high as £4.2million, The daily mail reported.

the Mail said Pirc described payments to Asos executives ‘raised concerns of possible excess’, following last year’s pay report which revealed the deputy chief executive’s £567,000 salary Matt Dunn.

Pirc also reportedly suggested investors abstain from the re-election of chairman Jorgen Lindemann, who took over from Ian Dyson on August 1, 2022 and oversees Asos’ sustainability initiatives.

On October 19, Asos announced a loss of £9.8million for the year to August 31, 2022, down from an operating profit of £190.1million in 2021 due of “the weakening of the consumer environment”.


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