At the Insoumis, tensions are increasing internally against the backdrop of the Quatennens affair



Alexandre Chauveau

La France Insoumise is going through a tumultuous period, divided within its party because of the controversy surrounding the conviction of Adrien Quatennens for acts of domestic violence. His supporters created a Telegram group in order to organize his defense on social networks. But their practices raise questions.

Storm warning within La France Insoumise. The year 2023 promises to be very turbulent. Indeed, the Quatennens affair does not stop being talked about. A thousand supporters signed a platform to demand his expulsion from the party. But within LFI, the controversy divides.

Latest fact: this group on the Telegram application. Its members are responsible for organizing the defense of Adrien Quatennens on social networks. As a reminder, the man is condemned for acts of violence against his ex-companion.

The famous group is made up of around 350 rebellious sympathizers who, under each publication hostile to the deputy from the North, publish comments to support the former coordinator of La France insoumise. The goal? Convince the fact that Adrien Quatennens can and must return to the benches of the hemicycle despite his conviction. Several arguments are thus delivered ready-to-use to activists so that they can broadcast them on the networks.

Discord within the party

And its members want to be reassuring: there are no insults or harassment. The administrators of the group the insured. Except that several Twitter accounts which publicly wished for the definitive exclusion of Adrien Quatennens from the group La France Insoumise received dozens of insulting messages. And among these accounts, there are not only activists since Raquel Garrido, deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis, has for example been targeted.

Not really enough to ease tensions within rebellious France for several weeks. This case overlaps with those concerning the leadership of the party. On December 10, Manuel Bompard had taken the dreams of LFI by excluding several executives from the management such as Alexis Corbière or Clémentine Autain.


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