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Atlanta company helps employees pay down payments on their first home

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – A single mom and veteran from Atlanta is closing her first home, thanks to help from her employers! The program helps employees who have been with the business for at least two years pay the down payment on their home.

“I’ve been a single mom since my eldest was probably 2 or 3…the minute I found out I was on contract, all I wanted was to sleep, that’s how I was relieved,” said new owner Aracely Jordan.

Aracely’s new home is a dream she’s been working on for years.

“I was working every holiday, 7 days a week,” Aracely said, “It was non-stop. I couldn’t stop. Not only that I had another job at the time.

It’s the relentless work schedule of a single mother. Now those dreams are a tangible thing.

“All my sacrifices have paid off with this house.” Aracely said.

Carl Christian saw this struggle. Aracely has been his employee for 8 years.

“We realized that a lot of the people who applied and worked with us were single moms who, frankly, just couldn’t achieve the American Dream,” said Carl Christian of Atlanta Green Maids. “The main goal was to kind of connect our staff with the resources they needed, like a broker, a real estate agent… most importantly, help with a down payment and also home ownership costs. property.”

You heard it right.

“The children lit up. They were like, ‘This is my room. It is my bedroom.’ It was home, they really felt at home,” said Courtney Chambless, Aracely’s real estate agent.

As Aracely showed me around her house, she couldn’t stop laughing. His children will finally have their own bedrooms.

“My business…honestly, without their help, I probably wouldn’t be here, right now,” Aracely said.

“When someone’s personal life is going well and they feel financially secure, that changes everything…it makes you realize we’re headed in the right direction,” Christian said.


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