Ayurvedic hair oil: everything you need to know

Ayurvedic hair oil is an ancient form of hair care that works wonders for strands. “Ayurvedic hair oiling is a centuries-old self-care ritual [where you] apply herbal oils to your scalp and hair to hydrate, strengthen and thicken [your] hair,” says Khanna. “In addition to hair health, the oil is also used to improve general well-being, as it helps relieve stress and promotes better sleep.

Sounds pretty good, right? What’s even better is that the practice is so easy that you won’t even hesitate to add it to your hair care routine. “Hair oiling is done by massaging a few drops of herbal oil into your scalp, then working them through your hair from root to tip, making sure to cover every strand,” adds Khanna. “In Sanskrit, this ritual is known as shiro abhyanga and can be a very relaxing form of self-care. The oils used are those mentioned in Ayurvedic doctrine and contain herbs such as ashwagandha and bhringraj.”


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