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Barbiecore trend 2022: Shop pink dresses, bikinis and shoes

It’s impossible to scroll through social media without noticing the abundance of hot pink right now — an aesthetic that TikTokers have aptly dubbed Barbiecore, inspired by (yes, you guessed it) the iconic Mattel doll. But the bright, bold hue is more than just a color trend, it’s made its way into the cultural zeitgeist through fashion, film and For Your Pages.

It is quite logical. Society’s obsession with nostalgia hasn’t diminished at all. Think of all the major comebacks that have proliferated over the years. In fashion, we’ve seen Juicy Couture tracksuits, tiny sunglasses, platform shoes and chokers – all Y2K and 90s stuff – take hold. In film and TV, classic reboots have landed on all major streaming services. We love reliving those eras and moments – and there’s no one like Barbie who can reflect the times.

According to data from Klarna, consumers have Barbiecore in mind. There has been a 970% increase in purchases of pink mini dresses since January 2022, a 343% increase in purchases of pink bikinis, and a 198% increase in purchases of pink sunglasses. Similarly, the Barbiecore phenomenon peaked in Google search trends in May of this year. It’s not at all surprising either: A photo of Margot Robbie in the next Barbie The film surfaced on April 26 and sparked a pink vortex that still plays out today.


Barbiecore is so much more than the literal benchmark of Margot Robbie wearing spandex and roller skates on Venice Beach. It’s the It color of celebrities and influencers around the world, much like Bottega (Broccoli) Green last year. A few examples: Kim Kardashian was spotted in more than one head-to-toe pink Balenciaga look, Megan Fox matched her dresses to her pink hair, Ciara dripped in hot pink gloves and diamonds, and Anne Hathaway and Zendaya wore Valentino’s defining color of the season at multiple red carpet events.


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