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June 20, 2023

Why I decided to have WLS

My journey began after my five-year-old granddaughter offered to help me get off the floor if I could get down and play with her. At that time, I had difficulty getting down or getting up. I also had trouble crossing the parking lot to and from my apartment or my truck. I was out of breath, had back pain, and had surgery pending on my Achilles tendon.

I worked with a lady at the time who had used Dr. Alvarez five years prior for sleeve surgery and spoke highly of him. I started researching him and learned that dozens of people in my area of ​​northeast Arkansas had used the same surgeon in Mexico! Many of these people were medical professionals who worked at the same hospital as my sister, and several of them I knew personally from having worked at the same hospital. My niece and I wanted/needed the operation and scheduled it for November of that year.

We later learned that Dr. Alvarez was going to be in Memphis, TN for a seminar and patient meeting the last weekend of October 2017 (just a week before the scheduled surgery date). We went to Memphis, heard his seminar and met him personally this weekend. This eased our spirits considerably. We met several of his patients in Memphis over the weekend and became much more confident in our choice.

Before deciding to have surgery, I had tried many diets and exercise programs – Weight Watchers, Curves, HCG, Fast Metabolism Diet, calorie restriction diets, etc. Even though I was losing weight on these diets, I was still gaining weight back, plus an extra ten or twenty pounds.

When I was younger I could eat whatever I wanted and never take an ounce. I was in the Air Force and once I retired from the Air Force and had no weight restrictions, I started gaining weight. I also started a job that consisted mostly of sitting around, as well as lots of potlucks and still food in the office. I gradually started gaining weight, then when menopause hit, nothing seemed to work to keep the weight off.

Before and after VSG with Peggy S.

Name: Peggy S.
Date of surgery: 04/11/2017
Total weight loss: 138 pounds
Type of surgery: VSG
Surgeon: Dr. Guillermo Alvarez
Hospital: endohospital

My surgery and my post-operative life

I finally decided to have the surgery because I was tired of struggling with the weight, tired of always being tired and out of breath, and worried that I would end up weighing as much as my mother had weighed when she died, which is more than 350 pounds.

The day of the surgery came and I won the biggest stomach prize that day, even though it was only my niece and I who had the surgery that day. I followed the prescribed post-op requirements to a T and started to lose weight. The following October, Dr. Alvarez had another patient meeting in Memphis, which my niece and I again attended. It was 10 months after our surgery, and I had lost 108 pounds by then. We had taken pictures on a staircase at Graceland the year before, and we did it again. I stalled for several months after that, but eventually started losing again and lost another 50 pounds over the next few months.

Before and after VSG with Peggy S. Off-scale wins

There were several off-scale victories that I celebrated. Most important to me was being able to get on the floor and play with my grandkids without needing help getting off the floor. This five year old granddaughter is now 12 and I have played with her in many ways that I could not before the operation. We hula-hooped together (she’s way better than me); I played volleyball with her last weekend, and there were several times when we got on the floor to play without her having to help me up off the floor.

Another unimportant victory is that I am able to work part-time which requires me to stay on my feet, sometimes for up to eight hours. This would not have been possible before bariatric surgery. I also moved into a third floor apartment about 18 months after my surgery (no elevator) and was able to climb those stairs to the third floor without having to stop or take a break on the way up. Another win was walking through the Branson Landing mall without having to stop and sit at every bench I passed.

There have been so many victories that I cannot name them all, but none of them would have been possible without Dr. Guillermo Alvarez and his surgical expertise. He gave me the boost I needed to become a healthier, happier person.

Before and after VSG with Peggy S

Celebrate your own success before and after WLS, milestones, ladderless victories like before and after VSG with Peggy S. and inspire others! The OH team wants to hear from you to share your bariatric surgery journey. Visit our before and after submission page for more details.


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