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Behind-the-Scenes Photos Allegedly From The “First Version” Of The Idol Paint A Completely Different Show



If you are somewhat familiar with The idolthe recently completed five-episode series by Euphoria creator Sam Levinson and Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye about a pop star being seduced by a cult leader, you probably know that the show’s original idea was quite different from what viewers ended up seeing. The final product is shiny, graphic and dark. It was shot mostly in Tesfaye’s home and features Lily-Rose Depp as the titular pop idol, Jocelyn, deep in her bad girl phase (post-mental depression too).

But if you read the rolling stone article about the series’ very messy making, you know there was a nearly finished version of the series directed by Amy Seimetz that was more “feminine-looking” and obviously satirical (to be fair, the Levinson version has some hysterically scenes funny, even if the tone is everywhere). Now that the first season of The idol has finished airing, it looks like someone involved in production is leaking footage from the set of the first version of the show, in which Jocelyn is less “Slave 4 U” and more “Baby One More Time.”

People on Twitter are mourning the version that could have been from The idol, which was, aesthetically at least, much more fun. In photos of Jocelyn’s original bedroom, she is surrounded by pink merchandise and life-size cutouts. Like a Twitter user put it“We could have had it all.”

Beyond the scenography, it seems that the characters have been cut or recast. Herewe see, perhaps, one of Jocelyn’s friends?

While, yes, Tesfaye and Levinson were involved early on, many believe it was Seimetz’s departure that led to the show’s… dodgy end product. Or in other words:

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