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Bella Cuomo is Chris Cuomo’s daughter who came to the house when he had COVID-19


Bella Cuomo, whose mother said she lives up to her name, is one of three children born to former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and wellness entrepreneur Cristina Cuomo. While most of her family recovered from Covid-19, she became their caretaker and the “family videographer”.

Bella Cuomo became a social media sensation when the world found out she was the daughter of famous man, former ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ host Chris Cuomo. Her father and mother, Purist founder Cristina Cuomo, have made regular appearances in her lip-syncing and dancing videos on TikTok.

Just two years ago, one of Bella’s videos went viral when Chris appeared shirtless in one of her TikTok clips, garnering millions of views and swooning in the comments section. However, there are other reasons why Bella’s TikTok account has attracted so many followers.

The teenager documented her family’s tumultuous journey with Covid-19 in 2020 as her parents and younger brother contracted the virus. Fortunately, they all survived thanks to her care and the help of her younger sister.

Bella and her siblings have regularly appeared on Cristina’s social media pages, with the mother-of-three displaying her children’s remarkable achievements. While Bella’s siblings seem to be taking a more athletic path, Bella is more interested in joining the entertainment industry.

Birth of Bella Cuomo

Bella took her first breath on March 13, 2003. On her 19th birthday, much earlier this year, her mother shared a touching tribute on Instagram along with a slideshow of old and new photos featuring Bella.

Cristina affectionately called her daughter “Bella bird” as she expressed her admiration for her wit, wisdom, song and personality. Grateful for the existence of Bella, who has always kept her family on her toes, she gushed:

“[…] always keeping us on our toes, leaving us laughing and our hearts full. Today you are 19, and every day since your first has been a gift.”

Cristina revealed that she took Bella to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a birthday present, where she met her cousins ​​and toured the city. The couple indulged in some exciting activities including hang-gliding “above the tallest monolith”, visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue and traveling from Copacabana to Leblon.

Bella is a high school graduate

She graduated in May 2021 and Cristina took to Instagram again to celebrate another milestone for Bella. Alongside a photo of Bella in graduation attire, Cristina wrote a sweet message praising her daughter’s ability to see, speak and live in her truth.

She also praised Bella for being beyond her years and taking on many roles as she got older. Cristina said the devoted theater child lived up to her name – which meant “the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet”, according to the Urban Dictionary – as she continued:

“[…] My theater child, jester, designated driver, puzzle-solver, ever-faithful Bella, who leaned down in times of discomfort and evolved into the most beautiful human being, living up to your name. [3x graduation cap emojis]”

Cristina then offered words of encouragement for Bella’s class of 2021, advising them to stay curious and kind. Later that year, she shared a National Girls’ Day tribute to Bella and her youngest, Carolina.

Bella is the daughter of a famous father

Bella’s parents were married in a Catholic ceremony on November 24, 2001. The ceremony took place in her mother’s hometown of Southhampton, Long Island, and it was a union that her late grandfather, Mario Cuomo, said to be a match made in heaven or something close. .

Two years later, Cristina and Chris began to expand their family, and their children learned to appreciate the bonds over days at the beach, yoga and surfing. On Mother’s Day 2020, Cristina said she was grateful for “the trio that makes my heart beat.”

She revealed that Bella and her siblings wrote her poems as a Mother’s Day gift, honoring her love for poetry. Two months later, her husband’s cameo in Bella’s TikTok video made headlines as Chris’ remarkably groomed physique was on full display.

The “POV” video of Bella “trying to say goodnight” while her parents did their “20-step nighttime routine” drew a lot of attention, leading Bella and her mother to appear in a short interview with Entertainment Tonight. The young TikToker said it was “weird” to see people on the internet calling her family members “sexy”.

Still, she acknowledged that her father’s presence in her videos – particularly one where the former presenter wooed many people in their 50s – gave her a boost. Chris has also appeared in several of his dance videos, showing off his “daddy moves”.

Bella also spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the career she hopes to pursue. Like the eldest son of Erykah Badu, Seven Sirius Benjamin, and even Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Bella forged her own path. As a former high school drama student, the aspiring singer and actor also attended drama camp and appeared in theater productions for “Chicago” and “Mary Poppins.”

Bella had extra responsibilities while her parents were in quarantine

Her father contracted the coronavirus in April 2020 and was quarantined in his basement while he continued to host his former news show “Cuomo Prime Time.” Two weeks into her recovery, Bella’s mother was infected with the virus, and her brother followed soon after.

Bella helped her mother while Chris recovered and cared for Cristina and her brother soon after. She was watching her father, wearing a hazmat suit and mask, in accordance with Covid-19 safety guidelines, as his symptoms subsided. When he announced his “return,” he expressed his gratitude for his family, saying:

“Thank you for being so nice to me, thank you for taking care of everything you had to do, thank you for taking care of me, and Bella, thank you for stepping in and now adding a family videographer to your resume.”

Bella is the eldest of her siblings.

His younger brother, Mario, turns 16 this year and has been a black belt in karate since 2019. His personality differs drastically from that of his father, as the sensitive and introverted nature of the youngster has caused a significant change in Chris’ parenting approach. .

Cuomo’s youngest child is Carolina, 13, an aspiring gymnast like Alyssa Milano’s daughter, Elizabella Dylan Bugliari. Sweetly referred to as “Cha Cha” in messages from her mother, Carolina took third place at the 2020 Manhattan Classic Gymnastics meet.


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