Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber Prove Leather Jackets Are the Unexpected Summer Trend

As we find ourselves in the middle of July, with the temperature peaking and the humidity taking over, the instinct is, naturally, to start shedding layers quickly and donning strappy dresses and white tank tops every whenever necessary. For many, the whole point of any outfit these days is to look cute, yes, but to stay cool, and right now that can be done with the airiest pieces – we’re talking silk, linen and light cotton. It’s confusing (and honestly a little unsettling) then, when you see street style stars like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber stepping out on a summer afternoon wearing a piece you’d normally never touch between June to August: a leather jacket. Because despite the bittersweet temperatures, the models are pushing hard for summer leather, and they’re scoring some really good points.

On Thursday night, Hadid stepped out in New York (when the temperature was in the mid-80s and the humidity was 36%) to support her sister Alana’s fashion line, La Détresse. The model appropriately wore a set from the line, an acid wash t-shirt with biker shorts, matching Alana’s own dress. It was the styling, however, that piqued our interest. Hadid opted to wear an oversized black leather jacket on top of the ensemble, and while the choice was questionable given the weather, it was a very chic ensemble.

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That’s the thing with leather jackets, they can enhance just about any outfit. Bieber also proved it on Thursday when she was spotted out in Beverly Hills in a jacket similar to Hadid. For her outing, the model topped a cropped tee and gray track shorts with a bulkier leather piece, taking her look from something you throw on for errands to street style that’s worth commenting on. .

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And leather holds its own in all its forms this summer, not just with jackets. Kylie Jenner just showed off an all-leather look for a night out with Travis Scott, and leather queen Julia Fox has stuck to her favorite fabric, even through the summer months.

Of course, leather in the summer is not for the faint of heart. You have to be impervious to heat, willing to prioritize style over comfort. There is also the option of holding the jacket on during transport, only to put it on when you arrive at your heavily air-conditioned destination. Or, you can just leave this look to the models, who get driven around and spend little time outdoors between stops. If so, we don’t blame you and we’ll see you back in those leather jackets at the end of September.

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