Best Use of Social Media Award Winner: Black White Denim

On a particularly slow day in October 2021, the team at Black White Denim, led by founder Jo Davies, decided to try something new to attract more customers to the Wilmslow-based womenswear store in Cheshire. They took to Instagram Live to promote an in-store-only mid-season sale, leading customers to flock to the empty store within 20 minutes. By the end of the two-hour Instagram Live session, there was almost nothing left in the sale. The store increased its daily sales by 593%, from an average of 15 to 104 in a “slow” day.

Flash sales aren’t the only way Black White Denim uses social media. The independent store also uses Instagram to share event highlights, such as fashion blogger and stylist Kat Farmer’s exclusive book launch. To change in March 2022, during which subscribers across the country were able to ask Farmer questions and take surveys. The event helped Black White Denim grow its weekly Instagram reach from 13,000 to 57,000, resulting in a 250% increase in accounts engaging with Black White Denim posts.

The judges said this company was “innovative” in its work with influencers, events and customer engagement, and “very stylish, very contemporary”. They were impressed with the “diversity of content-driven ideas” such as behind-the-scenes shopping trips and tryout sessions. “The visual narrative comes from the store – [Davies] has thought about it and brings the team with it,” commented a judge.

Highly Recommended: Rewritten

Rewrite is a London-based bridal wear brand founded in 2016 by fashion designer Frances Cookson and former Astley Clarke retail manager Katie Arnott.

Rewritten’s social media channels generate more than 50% of revenue every month, and its founders cite the hiring of social media and marketing manager Ella Yeoman as the catalyst for Rewritten’s “best year yet.” Rewritten.

In the 12 months to June, Yeoman grew Rewritten’s Instagram followers from 10,000 to 30,400, while on Facebook, Rewritten’s campaigns garnered 500,000 views over six months.

The brand has also refined its strategy on Pinterest, which brings in around 90% of marketing revenue. Between August 2021 and June 2022, he grew his Pinterest audience by 1423% to 3 million followers and grew his impressions – Pinterest’s audience engagement metric – by 2652% to 10 million. Rewrite is expected to end 2022 with an expected revenue of £300,000 from sales generated by Pinterest alone, which is a third of the company’s total expected revenue.

The judges praised Rewritten’s inventive campaigns, which include a collaboration with paint company Pickleson Paint, as well as investing in a dedicated social media manager to manage the brand’s accounts across different platforms.

A judge described Rewritten’s accomplishments as “smooth, impressive numbers, and just really smart.”


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