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Bizzy Bone’s wife has become an international singing sensation and his ‘soul mate’


In February 2020, Bizzy Bone, full member of rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony married his girlfriend of four years, Jessica Cassidy. Cassidy is also a musician and her music has global reach. She also triples as a radio host and model.

Cassidy started dating Bizzy Bone in 2016 after having a business meeting. She was impressed with how much of a gentleman he was to her. Although it took them a while to start dating, it seems like it was worth the wait, as the couple are inseparable.

In 2017, Bizzy took their relationship to the next level by asking a shocked Cassidy to marry her. The following year, the family welcomed their first child, Jesse Anthony McCane. Two years after the birth of their baby, the couple tied the knot in a glamorous event.

Jessica Cassidy has shown her passion for music since she was a child

Although Cassidy’s date of birth is unknown to the public, her birthplace is Indiana. However, she is described as a “bilingual Nicaraguan, Costa Rican/Irish, German-American singing sensation”. She moved to Houston, Texas when she was still young.

She grew up with a desire and passion for entertainment and often showed interest in music from an early age. She would have taken a recording device and spent hours singing on it.

However, before Cassidy could pursue a career in music, she first focused on her studies. She received a high quality education from St Peter’s College in New Jersey, earning a degree in communications and graduating with honors. Recently, she has been working on her music in preparation for her next album.

Cassidy writes and produces her music and “incorporates Spanish-language music and soulful lyrics, to beat out upbeat electro pop tracks that leave fans wanting more.” She has performed in many clubs in major cities such as Las Vegas, New York and her hometown, Houston. She also does charity shows.

Jclass has become an international singing sensation

His music attracts the attention of people from various backgrounds, including Europeans who love Electro Pop. This musical genre originated in Great Britain and is currently dominated by artists such as Billie Eilish. Cassidy, known by her stage name JClass, has been making waves in the Netherlands, where her song “Take You Home” was number 1 for six weeks.

This impressive achievement puts the artist on the map and vindicates his label as an international singing sensation. The success of her song led her to be invited to several radio stations for interviews, for example the Danceteria radio station in the Dutch country. Back home, Fox 26 Houston also interviewed her.

Her determination and perseverance led her to reach the heights of live performance in the majestic Madison Square Gardens, the stage of Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour and John Lennon’s last show before his death.

Since then, her career has grown by leaps and bounds and she soon began to fulfill her destiny as an elite artist. Cassidy’s talents landed her a slot as a radio personality at the WSPC in New Jersey. She has also established a modeling career with several major brands, including Harley Davidson and Brand Nu Faces.

On the runway, the model was crowned Miss Corvette and Miss Corvette Chevy Expo and featured in a November issue of XXL magazine. Additionally, she has been included in MotorSports magazine and the Texas Throttle Calendar. Cassidy’s career looks set to continue its upward trajectory.

Bizzy Bone and Jessica have a special love story; It all started with a song they recorded together

As a fellow musical artist, Cassidy went to Bizzy Bone to make a video with him and discuss other business. However, instead of just a collaboration and a business deal, the pair ended up bonding for life.

They first met at a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony concert in Houston in 2016. Cassidy attended the show in a professional capacity. While waiting to meet Bizzy Bone, who was performing on stage, she received a text from him asking if she was okay and if everyone was treating her well.

Cassidy was surprised by this as she thought he should focus on his performance. On the other hand, she was also impressed with the gesture. From that day on, they stayed in touch via text, and their relationship grew to the point that Cassidy fell in love with Bizzy Bone.

She then told him how she felt and gave him an ultimatum that their interactions should only be business-related if they couldn’t be together. She didn’t hear from Bizzy Bone for a month after that, although they did make a music video together in between.

Bizzy Bone finally texted him, asking what he needed to do to be with her. His response was that he had to come to Houston, but he disappeared again. Later he called her and told her she had to come to San Antonio to be with him. She went there and came back with him to Houston. The couple have been together ever since.

Jesse Anthony McCane was born two years before their wedding

Cassidy and Bizzy Bone continued to grow in their relationship. In 2017, Bizzy Bone surprised his girlfriend with a big ring and asked her to marry him. The proposal took place in front of loved ones who had gathered for another occasion.

On March 8, 2018, the singer announced that she and her rapper husband had welcomed their first baby. Jesse Anthony McCane was born, weighing 9 pounds 2 ounces and 21 inches long. Her mother claims she spent 30 minutes pushing during delivery.

A year after expanding their family, the couple decided to get married and they quickly began wedding preparations. During her YouTube vlog, she announced that the wedding would take place on February 1, 2020.

The couple celebrated their second anniversary this year. To commemorate their special day, Bizzy Bone posted a caption on her Instagram that read, in part, “The happiest day of my life was finding my soul mate. To accompany me on this journey of life.” He ended the post by encouraging fans to let their soulmates find them.


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