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Blaine police arrest driver after measuring blood alcohol level over 6 times the legal limit

BLAINE, MN — Blaine police said they arrested a man for drunk driving after measuring his blood alcohol level high enough to be considered life-threatening.

The 30-year-old driver was approached by a Blaine officer while on a DWI law enforcement patrol, after someone saw a vehicle stopped outside a Circle Pines home for two hours.

The driver told the officer he drank a “large amount” of vodka before driving home. He refused sobriety tests, police said.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and assessed the driver, who was then taken to hospital with what appears to be “an urgent need for medical attention”.

Officers obtained a warrant to draw blood from the driver, who eventually showed a blood alcohol level of 0.525.

That’s more than six times the legal limit, but according to forensic science, it’s also above the limit that medical experts consider potentially fatal, which is set at 0.4.

The legal blood alcohol limit in Minnesota is 0.08.

The case was forwarded to the Anoka County District Attorney’s Office for review of criminal charges. The driver has already had a DWI conviction on his record since 2017.


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