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Blake Lively Wore LBD Super Chill to Kick Off Birthday Celebrations at Disney Land – See Photo

Blake Lively’s birthday isn’t in nine days, but damn it, she’s going to celebrate it whenever she wants.

The actor shared photos from an early birthday celebration at Disney Land in Anaheim, Calif. on Aug. 15 alongside his older sister Robin Lively. The Adeline’s age star turns 35 on August 25.

“Find me a happier place on earth to start my birthday celebrations early,” Blake captioned the Disney photo Instagram carousel. “I’ll wait.”

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The Lively sisters have visited all of Disney’s must-see sites, apparently even making their way to nearby Disney Land, California Adventure Park. Always generous, Blake obliged fans, including Princess Jasmine, Jessie de toy story 2and some ungrateful Stormtroopers with photos.

“Imagine being a Disney princess and having to stay in character when the beautiful and perfect animated Blake stands next to you for a photo…” one of Blake’s followers mused in her comments section. “Love the type of millennial you are who actually uses the filters provided on the Instagram app,” another captioned, adding the millennial gift: the laughing crying emoji.


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