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Senator Ron Johnson claimed the Secretary of State falsely testified about his relationship with the President’s son

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken “bold lied” in congressional testimony about his contact with President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson claimed.

Then President-elect Biden’s campaign aide, Blinken agreed to testify voluntarily before a Senate committee investigating the Biden family’s business dealings in December 2020, Johnson said Sunday in an interview with Fox News. At the time, Joe Biden picked Blinken to become America’s top diplomat, a nomination that would require Senate confirmation.

“He wanted to be secretary of state” said Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin. “And now, thanks to more information that has come out, we know that he audaciously lied to Congress about never emailing Hunter Biden. I guess he told a bunch of other lies that hopefully we can bring him and his wife back.

Johnson suggested that Blinken and his wife keep their records for legal reasons. “You can’t trust Joe Biden. You can’t trust Hunter Biden. You can’t trust the Biden family. You can’t trust so many people they have surrounded themselves with.

At the time of Blinken’s voluntary testimony, Joe Biden had just won the 2020 presidential election despite controversy surrounding his family’s business dealings in Ukraine and China. The scandal surfaced just three weeks before the election, when the New York Post reported on the contents of a laptop that Hunter Biden allegedly dumped at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

Former CIA Director Mike Morell told Congress earlier this month that shortly after the laptop bomb was released, Blinken pushed him to organize an open letter claiming that the history was the product of a Russian. disinformation campaign. Morell, who was among more than 50 former US intelligence officials who signed the letter, admitted to Congress that he was motivated by a desire to help Biden win the election.

Asked by Fox host Maria Bartiromo to clarify whether Blinken lied under oath, perjuring himself, Johnson said: “Yes he did. He said he didn’t email Hunter Biden, and now we have those emails. We also know that his wife, using his email address private when she was a State Department employee, was also an intermediary between her husband and Hunter Biden.

Johnson called for further investigation into the case, including the issuance of a subpoena to force Blinken to testify again. However, Biden’s Democratic Party controls the Senate and its subpoena power.

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“There is a lot of truth that needs to be uncovered here, but is covered up by the Deep State,” says Johnson. “Let’s face it: The Deep State knows what it’s done. These co-conspirators inside the agency know exactly what they’ve done. They don’t reveal their secrets very easily. They know how to hide things, they know how to slow everyone down.



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