BMCI, first bank to launch the Biometric Visa card


BMCI is launching its new innovative payment solution, the Biometric Visa card, thus making a new fast and secure payment method available to its customers for the first time in Morocco.

The Biometric Visa card is a national and international debit card (payment and withdrawal), backed by the account in dirhams, and also offers a deferred payment option. It is equipped with an integrated fingerprint sensor, allowing its holder to dispense with entering their PIN code when making payments on Electronic Payment Terminals. Just put your finger on the card at the time of the transaction.

The Visa Biometric card is provided to the customer with a small black box, called “enrollment reader”, which is intended to supply the card with energy, in order to allow the registration of the fingerprint, explains a press release from the bank. “The enrollment reader is made of recycled and recyclable plastic and does not receive any biometric information from the Visa Biometric card. All data is selected and extended securely within the card chip,” the same source said.


The biometric data of the customer holding the card is extracted from the image of his fingerprint designated by the sensor of the card. This data represents only certain points or particular aspects of the fingerprint, encoded in a mathematical representation. The image of the fingerprint can never be reconstructed from this data, because it is only partial. As soon as his fingerprints are locked, the holder of the Biometric Visa card can use one of them to carry out payment transactions on electronic payment terminals instead of the PIN code. All you have to do is place the registered finger on the fingerprint sensor by inserting the card into the TPE after entering the amount by the merchant. The customer holding the Visa Biometric card will also be able to carry out unlimited* contactless transactions by being effectively authenticated using their fingerprint. It will suffice to place the registered finger on the fingerprint sensor by bringing the Card near the TPE (3 to 4 centimeters) after entering the amount by the merchant.

This new biometric payment method technology was seen today with the Visa Infinite card, and may subsequently be deployed on other Visa card ranges. “As part of the continuous improvement of means of payment and in a health context that favors dematerialized payments, BMCI and Visa have already demonstrated how existing technology can be adapted to create ready-to-wear technology at state-of-the-art, by launching the Woop wristband, thus offering their customers a secure mode of payment at the turn of the wrist.This contactless wristband aims to help customers stay connected thanks to an integrated chip, allowing users to make payments in keeping your hands free, without touching a card, keyboard or TPE”, informed the bank.

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