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Body camera footage shows Hazelwood chief suspected of drunk driving

Hazelwood Police Chief Gregg Hall visibly failed three sobriety tests during a traffic stop by an O’Fallon officer on May 28. He was not arrested.

HAZELWOOD, Mo. — Body camera footage shows an O’Fallon police officer administering a breathalyzer to a person he probably didn’t expect to be arrested for suspected drunk driving.

“Head of Hazelwood, he’s intoxicated right now,” O’Fallon’s officer said in the footage.

Hazelwood Police Chief Gregg Hall was arrested on May 28 for weaving on the road.

She says law enforcement officials are rarely prosecuted for alleged crimes committed on the job. This case is different and there is a video.

“I think the calls for transparency over the past few years, some from Black Lives Matter, others calling for transparency and accountability, especially from the police and the criminal justice system, have called for these cameras to vehicles, these officers’ body cameras,” she said. said.

In the body camera footage, the officer asked him to recite the alphabet first, before using a breathalyzer, which Hall’s attorney Travis Noble disputes.

“In Missouri, you have to have a 15-minute observation period and you have to have a mouth inspection before it starts, and it’s a portable breath test, which is different from a test Portable breath tests, they’re generally not as reliable,” Noble said.

O’Fallon Police Department sergeant arrived shortly after the breathalyzer test.

“He’s over two years old,” the officer told the sergeant, referring to the breath test result.

“The balanced tests that police officers are trained to give, they are also taught that there are some people who are not candidates for the test,” Noble said.

In the footage, Hall told the officer during the field trial that he had bad ankles. The officer asked how old he was, to which Hall replied “66”.

“Anyone 65 years of age or older, fifty pounds or more overweight, or someone with ankle, knee, hip, back, or inner ear problems is not a candidate for these tests. “, said Noble.

When asked if an arrest had been made, Noble replied: “I understand there was no arrest. Supervisors were contacted and then eventually the head of O’Fallon is arrived on the scene and then took Chief Hall home.”

“It was ultimately a decision that this police chief made that put members of the public at risk,” said 5 On your Side political analyst Anita Manion. “So in this case, I think he should be held to the same or higher standards than anybody else.”

In the video, when O’Fallon Police Chief John Neske arrived, he saw Hall hugging before speaking to one of the officers privately. He walked over to the officer who answered and said, “He and I are going to have a long talk on the way home.”

“There’s no evidence he was intoxicated in this case. There were field sobriety tests that weren’t done properly, to put someone who shouldn’t You have a preliminary breath test that wasn’t done correctly and there’s no conclusive blood or breathalyzer test to indicate he was over the legal limit and driving while impaired,” Noble said. .

“Without those videos, the other leader comes looking for it and no one is wiser,” Manion added.

The Town of Hazelwood responded to our inquiries saying this was a staff matter and there would be no public comment at this time.

Hall told the officer he was nine months away from retirement.

He has worked in the department for 43 years and took over as chief in 2013.


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