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Boy in critical condition after being hit on pedestrian crossing on his way to school: ‘We trust God’



It was a typical morning when a young boy woke up and got dressed for school. After saying goodbye to his family, he rode his bike and was excited to meet his teachers and classmates when a heartbreaking incident turned everything upside down.

Angela and Matt Veith lived in Wichita, Kansas with their beautiful family. They were parents to six adorable children who were the center of their universe. There was never a dull day in the Veith household, and they lived every moment to the full.

The couple’s life was perfect and they never missed an opportunity to cherish their happy family. Angela has often shared heartwarming glimpses of her family life online, where she and Matt were seen having a spectacular time with their children and loved ones.

The Veiths

The Veiths hoped to ring each new day together as a family, utterly unaware of what fate had in store for them. On the morning of Tuesday, September 20, 2022, one of their sons, Nathan Veith, woke up ready to go to school, say hello to his teachers and have a wonderful time with his friends.

Community members shared that they wanted to see more buses for children, a red light and crossing guards.

Nathan studied in fifth grade at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, where he was well-liked by students and teachers. As the youngster dressed delightfully and said goodbye to his parents, no one could have guessed what the next two minutes would bring.

An unfortunate incident

While cycling to school, the Veiths said their beloved boy was hit in a crosswalk by an eastbound car. According to Lt. Joseph Kennedy, the incident happened around 7:40 a.m. Tuesday in Central between Tyler and Ridge roads.

Angela noted that the driver who hit her son did not see him or the red light. As a result, she said her boy suffered serious head injuries and is currently in intensive care in a critical but stable condition. An eyewitness, Jack Farmer, says he was at the scene when the accident happened.

He said he rushed out of his car and ran to help the boy, alongside a nurse, who called 911. Shortly after, Nathan was rushed to the nearest hospital.

A neighbor’s opinion

Farmer said he hoped the youngster was doing well and prayed for his speedy recovery. According to the Wichita Police Department, the driver whose Ford Fusion struck Nathan’s bike was in his 40s and emerged unharmed during the crash.

A neighbour, who did not wish to publicly reveal his identity, believed sunlight could have played a role in the unfortunate incident. They issued the following opinion:

“I thought the sun was in their eyes, you can’t see well. It just rises in the morning. But nevertheless, a little boy has been injured. Hope he makes it (sic).”

thoughts of a mother

Several neighbors have expressed concerns about the dangerousness of the intersection. Amanda Hageman, a mother of five, said she wanted her children to take the bus to school because of the busy crosswalk, but the school told her it was not possible because she lived nearby.

Hageman said that while she could drive her five children to school, she felt for the parents who couldn’t do it. She also said:

“The reality is that we have to send our children to school when we can’t take them, hoping to God that people pay attention to the roads our babies are on.”

Another neighbour, Robert Patallas, said he and his wife moved to the area in 2015 and take regular walks. But after a case where a car nearly hit his wife and dog, he and his family refrain from crossing Central.

keep his brother company

Community members shared that they wanted to see more buses for children, a red light and crossing guards. On Thursday, September 22, Angela shared a touching post on Facebook, with a photo of her beloved son holding a dinosaur.

Matt said Nathan’s little brother brought his own stuffed dinosaur to keep him company as he recovered in the hospital. He and Angela also thanked the doctors, nurses and community members for their help, love and support.

A Meal Train has been created for anyone wishing to help the Veiths. Since September 23, more than 10,400 were raised, exceeding the $1,000 goal.

Trust God

Angela expressed her deep gratitude to everyone who helped her family financially and emotionally during this difficult time. She also urged people to remember her 11-year-old boy and pray for his speedy recovery. The mother also wrote:

“We trust God to get us through these tough times. We trust God for Nate to heal from this. We trust God.”

Support posts

Many netizens have shared touching and supportive messages for Nathan online:

“Prayers for this family and Nathan to find healing.”

— (@cheryl.stark.338) September 23, 2022

“May God lay his healing hands on Nathan. Sending prayers of strength to you all.”

— (@christina.t.rodriguez.9) September 23, 2022

“Pray for a miracle!”

— (@trishoeser54) September 22, 2022

Our heartfelt prayers are with the Veith family, and we hope their sweet boy recovers soon so he can go home to his family and play with his adorable siblings. Please keep this young person in your prayers. God heal young Nathan.



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