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Boy Washes Luxury Car Windows in Parking Lot, Next Day His Face Appears on Giant Mall Screen – Story of the Day

A poor young boy who was washing the windows of a car in the parking lot of a shopping center met a stranger who offered him a lot of money to wash his car. The next day, the boy was shocked to see his face on the mall’s giant screen with a note next to it.

Jack Ruben, 17, never had a rosy childhood like his peers. The responsibilities fell on his shoulders after the death of his father several years ago. His mother, Rebecca, was often ill from overwork at a city leather factory.

Jack stopped dreaming of going to college and started doing many odd jobs to support his family. The small town he lived in offered few opportunities for aspiring graduates.

But Jack hadn’t graduated yet, and his chances of a brighter career were slim. It was then that he decided to do something on his own instead of remaining inactive…

The poverty in Jack’s home placed a huge burden on his shoulders. | Source: Pexel

“$50!” exclaimed Rebecca. “Where did you get so much money from?”

The mother was taken aback when Jack came home and gave her money to buy medicine. Considering the boy’s age and how little infamy the town had, she hoped he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“I got a new job, and it’s my daily paycheck, Mom,” Jack said. He also assured her that her daily turnover would be different every day. “Tomorrow, I may earn less or even more… my work is such!”

Rebecca had dreamed of sending her son to college. But their poverty prevented them from dreaming big. Although Jack was determined to continue his education, he needed a job to earn money and save money. Unfortunately, no one hired him because he was a dropout.

But one day, Jack decided to put his dreams aside for a while and take on any job that came his way. He was walking through a mall on a scorching afternoon when he saw several cars in the parking lot. An idea instantly came to mind.

One day, Jack had an idea after seeing cars in the parking lot of a mall. | Source: Pexel

Jack headed out to the parking lot with a bucket of water and a rag. He approached random people and offered them a window cleaning service for their cars.

“I assure you to finish it in five minutes, and before you are done shopping!” he said.

“Oh, no… what’s going on? Why is my picture up there?”

Every day, Jack went to the parking lot of the mall and washed the windows of customers who shopped there. He had no stipulated salary for his services and was satisfied with whatever people gave him.

Sometimes he even washed cars if customers asked. He would be paid quite well, but not everyone returned their favors often with kindness and a decent wage. For example, Jack had even met people who took his poverty for granted.

Jack offered car cleaning services for a daily wage. | Source: Unsplash

One day, Jack washed a car for a man who only paid him a dollar for his services. The poor boy couldn’t resist the money because he knew that every dollar would one day help him build his empire.

Jack eventually became a regular provider of parking lot car cleaning services, driving home every day with the money he earned. He gave half of his salary to his mother and saved the other half for college.

He did this for a few months, and one day he returned to the parking lot and was amazed to see many cars there. “Today I can buy my sister the new school shoes she wanted! he exclaimed. No less than 30 cars paraded in the parking lot. More cars meant more money, so Jack was thrilled.

As he headed for the parking lot, a car sped past him and stopped a few feet away. A man slipped out of the windows and called Jack.

A rich man stopped by Jack and called him. | Source: Pexel

“Hey, you! Come here…” he said.

Jack walked over to the man. “Yes sir! What can I do for you? Wash the windows or the whole car?”

The man looked Jack up and down. “Why do you wash cars here?” You look young and you don’t go to college or school?

The little smile that Jack had faded too quickly. He told the man that he washed car windows for customers visiting the mall. “My mum is sick and I need money to buy food and medicine…I will definitely go to college if I find a good job one day,” Jack said.

The boy’s words moved the rich man. He asked Jack to clean his windows and was impressed with his service.

“$50???” Jack exclaimed in shock when the man paid him. “No, sir…I can’t accept that much money just to wash the windows.”

The man felt sorry for Jack and gave him $150 to wash his car windows. | Source: Pexel

The man was stunned by the boy’s modesty. “But you just said you need the money,” he said.

But Jack held on, insisting he wouldn’t accept as much, so the man paid him $10 and asked him to pose in front of his car. Jack was confused, but he did as the man told him, and the man took his picture.

The next day, Jack returned to the parking lot and was shocked. He saw the picture the man had taken the night before flashing on the mall’s giant screen.

“Oh, no… what’s going on? Why is my picture up there?” he exclaimed in shock and rushed to the spot.

When Jack arrived, he saw the same man he had met the day before. He was standing under the screen that read, “For sparkling car windows, contact our employee, Jack Ruben,” followed by the mall’s phone number.

Jack was stunned when he saw her picture on the mall’s giant screen. | Source: Pexel

Jack was stunned. He looked at the man and was speechless for a moment. Then the stranger approached him and introduced himself as Walter Perkins, the owner of the mall.

Jack was upset after hearing this. He couldn’t believe his ears and had tears in his eyes when Mr. Perkins patted him on the shoulder.

“We would like to officially hire you! Please bring the necessary documents to open a bank account for your salary!” said Mr. Perkins.

Jack was grateful and thanked the mall owner for his help. Her life changed for good because of her modesty and selfless service.

A few months after saving enough money for college, Jack worked part-time at the mall and focused on his better future. He finally realized that good deeds always bring a reward in the most amazing way!

Jack was now the official car wash service provider at the mall. | Source: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • Good deeds are always rewarding. When the rich man asked Jack why he needed the money, he told him it was to support his low-income family. And when Jack refused to accept a huge salary to clean the windows of the man’s car, his modesty earned him an award from the wealthy man who actually owned the mall.
  • You can only achieve great things in life if you are ready for challenges. Jack had dreamed of going to college, but his family’s financial difficulties prevented him from doing so. He decided not to remain inactive and worked on all the small concerts that came his way. His determination landed him a decently paid job at the mall. With his earnings, Jack went to college and supported his family.

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This story is inspired by our reader’s story and written by a professional writer. Any resemblance to actual names or places is purely coincidental. All images are for illustrative purposes only. Please share your story with us; maybe it will change someone’s life. If you would like to share your story, please send it to [email protected]


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