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Brochure: Strategy Note 2022–2026: Albania | Works



This brochure summarizes UN Women’s Strategy Note (SN) for Albania, 2022-2026, which provides a roadmap to improve the lives of women and girls in Albania. The SN articulates UN Women’s multi-year strategy, its rationale, envisioned results, targets and resource requirements for the next five years. It is developed in consultation with key partners and in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF), the UN Women Strategic Plan 2022-2025 and key national, regional and global equality priorities. of the sexes.

The NS contributes to the achievement of UNSDCF priorities, based on the expertise and comparative advantage of UN Women in the country:

  • Fair investment in people,
  • Productive and inclusive development, and
  • Gender responsive governance.



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