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Camilla gave Kate dating advice and personalized jewelry that showed their positions in the royal family

Both Kate Middleton and Camilla are on their way to becoming Queens of England. Camilla, who joined the royal family several years before Middleton, continuously supported and guided Middleton throughout her married life with the royal family. Their relationship has only grown stronger over the years, and here’s why.

Both Kate Middleton and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall have big shoes to fill the future. Royal women are on their way to becoming Queens of England as Prince William and Prince Charles are both destined to become King. Camilla and Middleton bonded and supported each other through the challenges of being royal wives.

The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge have become the ultimate royal girl power duo. Camilla showed the strong bond she shares with her daughter-in-law by entrusting her with the role of photographing her for her cover of Country Life magazine.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and Kate Middleton at Loughborough 2020. | Source: Getty Images

This monumental cover celebrates the magazine’s 125th anniversary and the Duchess of Cornwall’s 75th birthday. Queen Elizabeth also guest edited the commemorative number which hit the stands on July 13, 2022.

Country Life magazine announced the Royal Family’s Instagram coverage and contribution with the addition of memorable behind-the-scenes footage of Camilla posing for Middleton.


Camilla Duchess of Cornwall in London 1998. | Source: Getty Images

Camilla entered the role of royal consort before Middelton; therefore, she had some important advice for her future daughter-in-law on how to have a lasting royal marriage.

Camilla reportedly contacted Middleton before marrying Prince William. According to royal expert and biographer Robert Lacey, the Duchess of Cambridge struggled to follow her mother-in-law’s advice. Lacey, in his book “Battle of Brothers” writes:

“Camilla told Kate the secret to hanging on to a busy prince: align your schedule – well, basically your whole life – with his.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William on their wedding day in London in 2011. | Source: Getty Images

What seemed like the ultimate advice for Camilla seemed like an impossible task for Middleton. Lacey claimed it was impossible for the Duchess of Cambridge to stick to tipping Prince Charles’ wife as it was virtually impossible to fit into William’s schedule.

However, Prince William and his wife are still strong and doing everything they can to lead as normal a life as possible. The royal couple will move into their new four-bedroom cottage, perfect for their family of five, in the summer.


Kate Middleton at a charity polo match in Santa Barbara in 2011. | Source: Getty Images

There’s no doubt that royal women are likely to own jewelry with unimaginable price tags, but the Duchess of Cornwall gave Middleton a very sentimental gold bracelet for her wedding in 2011. The bracelet is an embodiment of the special bond that the two women share.

The gold charm bracelet is connected to a disc engraved with their monograms, ‘C’ for Catherine and a crown, and on the other, a ‘C’ for Camilla and a crown. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing the bracelet at Wimbledon two months after her wedding, but Middleton has worn it several times since then.


Kate Middleton and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall in London 2013. | Source: Getty Images

Camilla and Middleton’s love can also be seen in the way they interact at public events. In March 2022, the royal women had a sweet moment of affection at the Common Wealth’s Day Service.

What seemed like the ultimate advice for Camilla seemed like an impossible task for Middleton.

The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge were seen kissing each other on the cheek. They had a warm chat for a bit before walking down the aisle of Westminster Abbey.

Kate Middelton and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall with the Royal Family in London in 2016. | Source: Getty Images

Although Middleton’s affection for his mother-in-law can be seen as an acknowledgment of their closeness, royal expert Judi James described it as “a huge act of embarrassment”. Jacques explained:

“She also performed a huge ‘act of upset’ to show respect, bending her knees to duck until she planted a kiss on Camilla’s cheeks.”

Judi also said Middleton’s touch of Camilla’s arm was an addition to their closeness and undeniable bond, even if it was an affront to royal protocols.


The whole royal family at London 2015. | Source: Getty Images

Camilla and Middleton have taken part in several royal engagements together and with their husbands over the past year. In 2021, the royal wives and their spouses attended the premiere of the James Bond film ‘No Time to Die Together’.

Camilla and Middleton also traveled with Her Royal Majesty. They visited a fun engagement in Cornwall, and the Duchess of Cornwall stood by the Queen to help her cut the cake with a ceremonial sword.

In early 2022, Camilla and the Duchess of Cambridge joined Prince Charles in east London to meet textile students from the center run by the prince’s foundation.

The royal family in London in 2018. Source: | Getty Images

Since the royal wives are both set to become the Queens of England, they had to take on the role of representing Queen Elizabeth at events. One such instance was when Camilla and Middleton went to Remembrance Sunday last year during the service at the Cenotaph.

Her Royal Highness suddenly canceled her attendance at the service due to a sprained back. So when Camilla and her daughter-in-law took position on the alien balcony, Middleton was the one taking center stage with Camilla by her side.

Royal wives always want to present a united front without overdoing it. The Duchess of Cambridge’s recent 40th birthday photoshoot has led many to envision her as the young and beautiful future queen.

Kate Middleton and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall in London 2022. | Source: Getty Images

Although Middleton may receive a lot of attention, royal expert Ingrid Seward said Middleton knew not to step on Camilla’s toes. Seward added:

“Prince Charles isn’t even king yet and the royals are very careful not to overshadow the other. Kate will be careful not to overshadow Camilla.”… She’s aware of the hierarchy and that’s Camilla’s turn.”

Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl spoke on GB News, noting that Middleton and Camilla are “very, very close.” Nicholl also recalled that people had thought the Cambridges and the Sussex family would be the “fab four” royals. However, since Megixt, Camilla and Middelton formed the new “fab four”.


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