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‘Can you accommodate one year old twins?’

When a 27-year-old single woman cried after dreaming of having a child for years, she received an unexpected call the following night. The person on the other end of the line asked her if she would like to welcome 1-year-old twins.

Having a child as a couple is almost everyone’s wish, but dreaming of becoming a single mother is not every woman’s cup of tea. Becoming a mother isn’t as easy as it sounds, and embarking on the journey to becoming a single mom has its pros and cons.

However, some women choose to become single mothers, and they go to great lengths to make their dreams come true. The woman in today’s story also wanted to be a single mom, but it seemed like things weren’t going her way until she got a call.


Since childhood, Lauren Brooke knew she had to do something big in her life. At first, she didn’t know which direction to choose, but it became clear when she entered her twenties. She says:

“I felt that I was called for projects much bigger than me.”

Brooke remembers always thinking differently when she was a kid. According to her, she was not like other children her age, which led to loneliness and fear, but she believed that God was preparing her for something big.


As Brooke grew, she felt her desire to become a mother increase. She wanted to welcome a child and shower him with love, but she didn’t know how to go about it.

When Brooke received the first call for a foster baby, she went to see the child excitedly, but it didn’t work out.

Every time Brooke told someone about her wish, they said she was “crazy.” The idea of ​​becoming a single adoptive mother at 26 seemed unusual to many people, but Brooke didn’t give up.


When Brooke was 25, she had a relationship with a man and told him she wanted to have a child. At first, her boyfriend praised her, but when she went to a reception class six months later, he argued with her.

After Brooke graduated from her reception class, her boyfriend blew her head off. He called her “selfish” for attending a reception class, and they quickly broke up. Brooke said:

“I was fuming. I was so angry.”


After separating from the man she had never loved, Brooke felt she was being truly selfish. She thought he had chosen the right word to describe her because she had been in the relationship for a long time, knowing it wouldn’t work. Brooke had never felt happy with this man, but she chose to continue her relationship regardless.

However, she never regretted what she had done in the past as she believed it helped her achieve her goal. Brooke believed that “the day would not be filled with sunshine without the darkness of night”.

At 26, Brooke was allowed to be placed in foster care, but it took a while for her to get on the care list. Once her name was added, she waited to meet her future adoptive baby.


When Brooke received the first call for a foster baby, she went to see the child excitedly, but it didn’t work out. After several failed meetings, Brooke began to feel discouraged.

Her real test began when her cousin had a baby. She was happy to see her dear cousin with her newborn baby in the hospital, but cried later that night. She recalled:

“That night I was driving home. I pulled into my driveway, I just started crying… ‘Lord, when is this going to happen to me.'”


Brooke fell asleep crying that night, wondering if she would ever become a mother. She didn’t want all her maternal feelings to be ruined. Brooke had wanted to have a baby since childhood, but nothing seemed to work for her. She recalled what happened next:

“The next night I prayed. Prayed that at the right time, the right placement would come to my home and that I would feel peace in there.”

Ten minutes later, Brooke heard her phone ring and immediately answered the call. The person on the other end of the line asked her if she would like to welcome twins. Without thinking twice, she said no and hung up.


After turning down the placement offer, Brooke figured she was a single woman with a full-time job, and caring for twins meant she had to try twice as hard and buy another. set of baby essentials. She turned on the TV to distract herself, but it didn’t work. Soon she received a call from another adoptive mother saying:

“I feel like these boys are yours.”

Twenty minutes later, Brooke called the foster family back and asked about the twins. When they told her the twins would be going to separate homes, Brooke breathed a sigh of relief and said she was ready to welcome them.


Eventually, Brooke got another car seat, a crib, more clothes, toys, and diapers, solidifying her belief in God’s plans. She was ready to welcome her babies into her home. She recounted:

“That night at 2:30 p.m. God did not bring me one little boy, but He brought me two.”

Brooke’s adopted twins didn’t have the same skin color as hers. They didn’t look like her, but she loved them to pieces. She felt they were a sign that God was watching over her.

Brooke’s story teaches us that God gives us what we want at the right time. We can never understand why he doesn’t grant our wishes in time because we can’t see the bigger picture of our life the way he does.

Do you think Brooke deserves praise for raising two kids without having any prior experience as a mother? Would you support her to become a single mother at a young age if she was your friend? Share this story with loving parents around you.

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