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Capricorn Tarot Horoscopes: May 2023



If you feel like you want to go through a total overhaul of your life – like a breakup, upheaval with friends, quitting your job and packing your bags all at the same time – you better sit down in discomfort and realize that some aspects of your life may not be so bad. This shift in perspective can also help you help others at some point. Not all of your struggles are simply meant to punish you – sometimes they act as opportunities for others to come forward and support you and put you in the role of the catcher…something that may not come so easily to you.

March 2023

Death: Cap, the Death card is not an omen of physical death; it more often represents the release from our cocoon in which we have been tightly wrapped, and it signals to us that we are finally ready to fly. You are ready to fly now, Capricorn! Flip the switch on that decision you were sitting on, and know that whether it goes according to your plan or not, you will benefit more from knowing where you are with the world around you by taking action than you would. sitting, wondering, waiting and wishing.

It’s time to shine, and it seems like the first step to ensuring your success will be making sure your support systems are in place. Check with yourself: do you need more community? Do you need mental health resources? Do you need more thinking time? These things will crack your walls and bring down your defenses so quickly that when you have the opportunity to fly out of this cocoon, you will be so present and grateful that the wait will finally be worth it. Love, money, happiness, freedom, it’s all just an act of faith. This month marks a turning point for you, Cap.

February 2023

Two of Swords: Capricorn, you’re standing at a crossroads and it seems like you’re making things much more complicated than necessary. If you find yourself wishing for a certain outcome in this draw that is life, you will benefit from taking steps (big or small) in the direction you hope for. If you’ve felt “kicked out” of work, or if it seems like the biggest and best parts of your life are behind you, you need to be prepared to do the unthinkable in order to rekindle that spark of passion and give a sense of relentless pursuit into the equation.

If you struggle with your energy level, you will benefit from hobbies like meditation, sewing, sudoku, ceramics, or writing. Doing something that connects your mind and body through the use of fine motor skills will help massage your overactive brain. Even as an earth sign, you tend to let your head drift in the clouds, so it’s time to unplug and become more present. Who knows, these fun new hobbies might even become non-negotiable everyday things for you in the future.

January 2023

Three of Swords: Dearest Cap, you may be feeling a sense of loss this month. It doesn’t mean death or unemployment – ​​it can be something as simple as feeling like you don’t recognize yourself at this point in your life. I sense a shift happening beneath the surface, and it’s going to take a big nudge from your side to get through this chapter. Ask for help from others as you navigate these troubled waters. Also ask yourself, “If I stop for a moment and figure out where I really want to end up, am I still going in the same direction?” If the answer is no, January will be the perfect pivotal time for you to change direction and achieve your eventual goals.


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