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Christopher Meloni is naked in the Peloton ad — Watch the video

If only we all had the body confidence of Christopher Meloni, who appears fully nude in Peloton’s latest ad, or the personal courage of Peloton’s publicity team, who survived various public relations mishaps. The ad, posted to the brand’s Instagram page on #NationalNudeDay, features the actor performing various workouts using the Peloton app, with NSFW elements blurred out.

The spot is a cheeky (get it?) reference to the fact that Meloni said he prefers to train naked. “Apparently,” Detective Stabler said, blowing bicep curls, “some people think the way I train is weird.” As the camera moves to reveal the Law and order star in all his glistening, naked glory, he continues, “Me? I don’t think using the Peloton app is weird at all. Ba dum bum.

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Meloni is shown doing nude yoga, kickboxing, stretching and running. The fact that the actor’s famous booty is bare and therefore obscured by blur gives an opportunity to fully appreciate that he’s also completely jerked off.

Last May, Christopher Meloni told People that when he trains at home, he prefers to do it naked. “I train naked. This is my gym,” he said. “And I don’t black out the window. And I’m okay with that. My wife isn’t. If she isn’t okay with her husband working naked from home, I can only guess what she thinks he’s working naked in a national Peloton commercial.

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