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CNN cancels ‘Reliable Sources’, host Brian Stelter leaves the network


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NEW YORK (AP) — CNN canceled its weekly media show “Reliable Sources” after three decades on the air and said Thursday its host Brian Stelter is leaving the network.

The show will have its last airing this Sunday.

“Reliable Sources” and its host appear to be the first significant casualties of CNN’s efforts to become less politically confrontational, a priority of Chris Licht, who became the network’s president and CEO in the spring, and his boss. , David Zaslav, head of parent company Warner Bros. Discovery.

Stelter wrote a book, “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth” and criticized Fox News, making him a frequent target of CNN’s conservative critics.

Licht has made it known internally that he is not interested in a dispute between CNN and Fox News on the network. CNN “New Day” anchor Brianna Keilar had also drawn attention for detailed critical articles on Fox, but they have stopped since Licht took over.

CNN has seen its reputation plummet dramatically with Republican and conservative viewers, in part because of former President Donald Trump’s relentless attacks, but also because of the sharp political views expressed by his personalities. The new management sought to lower the temperature.

Stelter came to CNN from The New York Times, where he was a media editor.

“He leaves CNN as an impeccable broadcaster,” said Amy Entelis, executive vice president of talent and content development at CNN. “We’re proud of what Brian and his team have accomplished over the years, and we’re confident their impact and influence will long outlast the show.”

Stelter said he was grateful for his nine years at CNN, proud of the show, and grateful to its viewers.

“It’s been a rare privilege to lead a weekly news-focused show at a time when it’s never been more important,” he said. “I will have more to say on Sunday.”

“Reliable Sources” has been on CNN’s Sunday schedule since 1993. Bernard Kalb was its original host and Howard Kurtz had a 15-year run before Stelter took over in 2013. Kurtz now hosts the show “Media Buzz on Fox News. .

There was a quick release of joy among some of Stelter’s critics online. Conservative site Daily Wire tweeted a photo of a room full of empty chairs, captioned: “Brian Stelter fans gather to watch his latest episode.”

“Good riddance, Stelter,” tweeted radio and Fox News host Mark Levin. “You are of your kind, you have done serious damage to a free press.”

Dan Froomkin, a liberal media critic and head of the Press Watch website, tweeted that it was a terrible decision by CNN.

Stelter “was the symbol of a media establishment ready to challenge itself,” Froomkin said. “He was a flawed but essential voice in the national media. His dismissal is a victory for all the bad people.

The “Reliable Sources” newsletter, a daily compendium of major media stories, will continue and will be led by CNN Senior Reporter Oliver Darcy.

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