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Complete timeline of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship

Back in the States, the couple are seen holding hands as they buy pizza at Jon & Vinny’s in Los Angeles on Tuesday, January 11, before grabbing ice cream at a local pharmacy. You can see the photo here.

February: The “what are we? the conversation took place! For the first time since dating in October 2021, Davidson is publicly calling Kim Kardashian his “girlfriend.” While chatting with Kay Adams, host of People (the TV show!)about his upcoming Super Bowl ad, he talked about life in the public eye.

“Well, I don’t really have Instagram – I don’t have Instagram or Twitter or anything like that. So most of my daily life is getting into cars and showing up at a set,” Davidson said. “Or, if I’m leaving, I’m hanging out with my friends or chilling with my girlfriend inside. So I’m not doing much,” he continued, making reference to Kardashian with the title.

Now that that’s settled, Pete may be considering getting his own place in Los Angeles. After recently moving from Staten Island to Brooklyn, he considers taking a West Coast pad the next logical step, according to a source who spoke with entertainment tonight. “He has a ton of friends and works in LA Even though New York is his home, he dug the bicoastal vibe. He loves anything that gives him more time with Kim,” the source said. “They’re enjoying the pace they’re going right now. Kim is so busy, has a big family, her business and is still struggling with her divorce with Kanye.

On February 13, Pete and Kim turn on the PDA. Just before Valentine’s Day, the two shared a sweet kiss while having dinner in New York. Page Six features photos of the couple’s first public kiss since they were spotted holding hands in October 2021.

The Staten Island native reportedly “did everything possible” to make it clear that he and Kim aren’t just having a fling, which apparently means lots of facetime with his family. (He even sent Khloé Kardashian flowers on V-Day.)

“Kim and Pete have grown even closer over the past few weeks. Pete has done everything possible to connect more with Kim’s family in his own subtle ways,” a source said. entertainment tonight. “He wants to show them who he really is and for the family to get to know him better. He wants the family to know that this isn’t just a fling between him and Kim and it’s much deeper than that.

They added: “He tried to establish his own individual relationship with them.”

April: Pete and Kim make their red carpet debut at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 30.


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