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Could Instagram’s latest changes herald the end of the Kardashians’ social media empire?

And, similarly, Begley points out that celebrities actually have surprisingly little influence on the platform because they aren’t even near the most influential people who use it. “Instagram celebrities can reach large audiences, but our research found that smaller-scale influencers inspire the highest engagement rates, suggesting that platform users are more engaged with content on Instagram. emerging designers than in superstars,” he explains. “Nano-influencers (creators with less than 10,000 followers on their primary social channel) saw an average engagement rate of 3.27% for Instagram Reels content and 2.65% for in-feed posts, with these numbers steadily declining on both channels as their audience grew.Because smaller-scale creators have much more engaged audiences than mega-influencers, the loss of celebrities is unlikely to constitute a substantial threat to Instagram’s relevance. And, vice versa, a loss of the platform would not be an endgame for the Kardashians either. He added: “While a significant loss of engagement on Instagram , the Kardashian chain, would pose a challenge for the family, successful brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Skims and SKKN by Kim could overcome this turbulence by doubling down on partnerships. with creators on other platforms like TikTok.

But according to Luke, it’s also time for the family to start thinking way beyond the limitations and fickle tech updates of the social media app that helped create them. “They have such a cult following and they are so massive that if Instagram were taken down tomorrow, they could move to another social media platform, and they would dominate. I think Instagram shouldn’t take it lightly that they are attached to Instagram because of their generation. Begley agrees, pointing to TikTok’s already enormous power over their brands, a medium in which they are only just beginning to leverage. “The launch of SKKN by Kim sparked a flurry of TikTok product reviews, and Kylie Cosmetics has increased its focus on the platform over the past year,” he says. In the first half of this year, TikTok was responsible for the EMV of $4.7 million for the brand, a 127% year-over-year increase, but also a tiny fraction of the 41 $.4 million EMV that Instagram is responsible for.

Jordan, however, sees the next logical phase in growing his empire not just as a pivot to a new social media platform, but actually in-house. He explains that with more and more people embracing the idea of ​​decentralizing important institutions like financial systems, it makes sense for social media to follow suit, “where you will own your own content and post to a blockchain where you own this piece of content.”

“Instagram owns your profile right now,” Jordan adds. “Kim K is renting her profile, she doesn’t own it.” This, in part, could explain the sudden interest of celebrities in turning to platforms like OnlyFans where, for the first time, they have almost total dominance over what they post and who can see it, while still receiving a direct fan compensation for this exclusive. And for a family that has already vertically integrated both its own direct-to-consumer businesses and its own fame, it seems obvious that it would want to extend that level of control and monetization to its social media presence as a Luke concludes, “At their caliber, with the number of viewers, the number of followers they naturally have that aren’t specific to Instagram’s platform, it only makes sense going forward.

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