Cryofacials: what they are, their benefits and what to expect

“Improving skin texture, reducing redness and decreasing any active acne as well as preventing acne due to decreased inflammation, vasoconstriction and increased new blood circulation after the cooling process,” Lee replies. Although the results are relatively temporary (you get a lot of instant gratification with this one), Lee says you can expect any benefits you notice to last a few weeks at most and to help maintain your results, you You can continue the magic with at-home cooling methods via gadgets like ice rollers or cooling gel bead masks. Again, getting this type of treatment in the office is usually due to post-operative treatment or as a step during a facial to reduce inflammation.

As for frequency, Lee tells me technically someone could have a cryofacial as often as once a week because there’s really no recovery or downtime, but, if your budget permitting, she recommends adding it to your self-care routine once a month. alongside a deep facial, laser procedure or microneedling session. And, because it’s a low-risk treatment, it’s a relatively safe option for just about everyone, so almost everyone is a fantastic candidate.


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