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Dad is tired of hearing that one of his daughters does not look like him, secretly takes a DNA test

When people constantly told a man that his younger daughter didn’t look like him, he decided to follow up on their comments and secretly took a DNA test. Little did he know that his life would change forever after seeing the results.

Hearing other people talk about your child’s physical appearance isn’t always the best experience. It takes a toll on a parent when people tell them their child is nothing like them.

However, some people choose not to pay attention to what people say, while others take their opinions seriously and act quickly on them. Sometimes that brings up a million questions in the person’s mind, and they start to see things differently. Something similar happened with the man in today’s story.

Chris shares his shocking story in an interview. | Source: youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia


Chris lived with his wife and two daughters in his Australian home. He was happy to be a loving father to his daughters and a caring husband to his wife, unaware of how his life would soon take an unexpected turn.

Everything seemed to be going well until people told Chris that his youngest daughter didn’t look like him. They pointed out how completely different his facial features were, trying to make him suspicious of his paternity.

However, Chris chose to ignore people’s comments. He ignored them but couldn’t continue doing so because they had become stubborn.

Chris remembers what happened. | Source: youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia


Apart from people’s comments, other strange incidents have also bothered Chris. He remembers feeling confused when his youngest daughter talked about her “other father”. He told him:

“I am your father. There is no other father.”

It was then that the younger Chris said something incredible. She revealed that there was another man, her “dad”, who often visited her when Chris was away.

Chris shares his heartbreaking story. | Source: youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia


The thought of another man entering his house and meeting his wife and children behind his back had begun to disturb him. He didn’t know if his youngest daughter was telling the truth, but he also didn’t know if she was lying or joking.

To remove his doubts, Chris decided to do a paternity test on his little one to find out if she was really his daughter. People’s comments and his daughter’s words had made him curious to know if his doubts were genuine.

At this point, Chris could also remember that his wife had started behaving strangely in the past. The only thing that could confirm if his suspicions were correct was a home DNA test. He bought the kit and took his daughter’s DNA sample behind his wife’s back. He kept it a secret until he got the results.

Chris holding an envelope. | Source: youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia


Chris could feel his heart racing as the postman handed him the envelope. He immediately entered his house and took a deep breath before opening the sealed envelope.

Reading the test results was one of the most nerve-wracking times in Chris’ life. He was shocked to know that the people who told him his daughter didn’t look like him were right. The results proved that Chris’s youngest daughter was not biologically his. He recalled:

“You think you’re ready. You think, ‘Oh, what if the results are negative?’ And, of course, you realize there could be that possibility. But when that letter [test results] comes, it blows your mind.”

Chris receives the results from the postman. | Source: youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia


Shortly after discovering the truth, Chris’ life changed. He could never have imagined that his daughter was someone else’s child, but now he had to accept the shocking truth.

What hurt him the most was that his wife cheated on him. She chose another man over him while still being married to him. Chris hadn’t expected his wife to cheat on him. He recalls what happened when he confronted his wife about the test results:

“She [Chris’s younger daughter] I was told that I was not his father. And she was never to call me dad again.”

Chris remembers what happened. | Source: youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia


After finding out his wife cheated on him, Chris recalled what happened before his youngest daughter was born. He revealed that his wife stopped being intimate with him for almost a year until she suddenly got affectionate towards him one night.

Shortly after that day, Chris’ wife announced that she was pregnant and they could no longer be intimate because of it. Chris confessed:

“I was set up to believe she was my child.”

Watery-eyed Chris shares painful memories. | Source: youtube.com/60 Minutes Australia


Chris and his wife have mutually agreed to separate, but they have also separated their daughters from each other. Chris lived with his eldest daughter, who was biologically his, while his wife lived with her younger daughter.

At first, Chris had to pay child support for his youngest daughter, but he found he didn’t have to pay her because she wasn’t biologically his. He was about to sell his house when he told his wife that he was no longer paying child support.

After everything that had happened in his life, Chris hoped his youngest daughter would knock on his door and someday spend some time with her elderly father. He also said that he does not regret taking the test because it made him discover the truth.

Chris’ story teaches us that our loved ones can sometimes betray us, but we should stay optimistic about everything and expect good things to happen in the future.

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