Damian Lillard comments on whether he’s the best player in Blazers history



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Damian Lillard continues to write his name in Portland Trail Blazers history.

He’s played in some of the franchise’s most iconic moments, and while he’s yet to win a championship, he’s argued that he’s their greatest player of all time.

That argument was only bolstered last week when he overtook Clyde Drexler as the franchise’s all-time leading scorer.

Nonetheless, and even though he apparently thinks he is, he claims it’s not for him to decide if he’s the best Blazer ever:

“It’s not for me to say. My coach, Phil Beckner, always tells me, ‘When you’re awesome, you don’t have to tell everyone. Everyone will tell you that,” Lillard told Sean Highkin. “I think it’s one of those things where I think the body of work is there. I think my commitment and investment in this organization is there. I think about how many times I’ve won, being a winner and being very successful individually and as a team is there. I think from a notoriety standpoint, having a signature shoe and doing national and international campaigns, I don’t think anyone has done that before me. For me personally, the way I want to mark myself is by winning a championship. I think the body of work is there for that claim to be made by other people, but that’s not for me to say.

Lillard’s politically correct answer is quite simple.

He truly believes he’s the best Blazer ever, and rightfully so.

But if he really wants to put an end to this debate, he must do what has not been done since 1977: lead them to a ring.


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