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Daniel Tosh’s wife is a screenwriter and worked on ‘Brooklyn 99’


Daniel Toch | Carly Hallam posing with ‘Brooklyn 99’ actor Charles Boyle | Source: Getty Images | Twitter/carlyhallam

Like many celebrities, Daniel Tosh kept his love life heavily guarded; however, the media managed to get some information about it in 2018. That year marked the second anniversary of his marriage to screenwriter and actress Carly Hallam.

With numerous writing credits on well-known comedy shows and as an author on a daily comedy website, Carly Hallam’s sense of humor remains unbridled, even in her tweets. She is present on social networks but only kept her public Twitter account.

Hallam even poked fun at her husband, well-known comedian Daniel Tosh, earlier this year — which is probably the only reference she’s ever made to him on her social pages. She has kept her Instagram account private, but outlets have suggested that Tosh may have made a few appearances there without the public knowing.

Since their secret marriage came to light, the couple has neither officially confirmed nor denied their romance. The beginning of their relationship timeline is also unknown, but their first entertainment collaboration dates back to 2010.

Carly Hallam is a screenwriter, producer and a bit of an actress

Hallam would be more than ten years younger than her husband, who is 47, making her 36 this year. His earliest known writing credits in the film and television industry include 86 episodes of Tosh’s comedy series “Tosh.0” between 2012 and 2015.

Hallam has produced nine episodes of “The Neighborhood,” starring Cedric The Entertainer and Max Greenfield, and recently penned a 2023 episode for the series. She also co-wrote the sports documentary “And Two If by Sea: The Hobgood Brothers”.

She had a few acting roles, like Movie Starlet in “New Low” in 2010. She took on more in seasons two, three, and six of “Tosh.0,” including those where she appeared as female. on track and protest.

In addition to television writing, Hallam has written for the daily humor website McSweeney’s, a nonprofit independent publishing company based in San Francisco, California. His latest post on the site, dated October 26, 2021, is titled “Quiz: Is your child two?”

She wrote for “Brooklyn 99”

Hallam, who allegedly cheated on the crossword, joined the cop comedy’s writing staff in seasons four and five and worked as story editor for 23 episodes between 2016 and 2017.

She was later promoted to story editor, credited with 12 episodes between 2017 and 2018. On April 29, 2018, Hallam promoted an episode she probably wrote for “Brooklyn 99” on Twitter, saying her parents called it “the best half hour of TV ever!”

They kept their wedding super private

Like Cardi B and Offset – who welcomed their second baby last year – and another Hollywood couple who used aliases to keep their wedding private, Hallam and Tosh kept their ceremony a secret. According to TMZ, they got married on April 15, 2016.

The ceremony was held privately in Malibu; however, these minor and unique details of their union were revealed in June 2018. Hallam, an alleged member of the Writers Guild of America West, is referred to as “Carly Hallam Tosh” on her IMDb page. Still, she and Tosh have yet to officially confirm or deny it.

Carly only referred her husband once on Twitter

Hallam’s Twitter page had amassed 10.9,000 followers at the time of publication. Her bio revealed that she’s based in Los Angeles, writes for “Brooklyn 99” and “Tosh.0” as mentioned earlier, and has “very small feet.”

She poked fun at Tosh in February 2022 when she tweeted that she husband tested negative for Covid-19. In a frequent turn of events, Hallam said he tested positive for being a ‘little one’ [expletive]“every time he got sick.


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