David Harbor Reveals His Totally ‘Embarrassing’ Song Vecna

David Harbor knows his song Vecna ​​- and it’s not what you would expect.

You would think that the song that would save the foreign thing star of Vecna ​​series villain’s grip (Jamie Campbell Bower) would be one of his wives Lily Allen‘s tunes. But for his real choice, he sends it back to the 90s.

“‘Mr. Jones’ by count crowsI’m sure he would bring me back,” David, who plays Jim Hopper on the hit Netflix series, revealed exclusively on the Aug. 17 episode of E! News. Night pop. “Take me back to college.”

For those who are not caught up stranger thingsthe show’s teenage gang discovered in season four that music is the key to breaking Vecna’s evil trance after Sadie sink‘s Max Mayfield narrowly escaped his clutches with the song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” from Kate Bush.

David admitted Night popit is morgan steward and hunters march that he often finds his musical tastes “so embarrassing”, adding: “I rarely reveal it”.

“My kind of years in college were in the early 90s,” the 47-year-old explained, “so that’s really where music became really big, it was like sitting in the dormitory, playing Counting Crows and Stone Temple Drivers.”


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