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Desperate Mom Arrested For Stealing Groceries, Cop Watches Her 3 Adopted Kids Starve

In a stunning turn of events, a woman was caught stealing groceries from a store. When the police arrested her, she admitted to the crime and also gave her reason. But what happened next was something she never saw coming.

Life is not a bed of roses. If we look around us, we will see countless people going through unlikely circumstances and going through endless periods of pain, trauma and turmoil. Unfortunately, not everyone has someone to rely on, and enduring periods of testing alone can be tedious.

In a pandemic-hit world marked by higher inflation, making ends meet can be a huge problem for people, especially those who have to feed their families. It also includes parents who have children at home who need food, shelter, education, and other necessities to take care of.

Therese West. | Source: Facebook.com/WRALTV

The story we are sharing with you today is about something similar, and we hope that after reading it you will feel encouraged to share it and be a force for change and support for those around you. and who do not always talk about their living conditions.


Theresa West lived with her three adopted children in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Life was hard for the woman as she was not only responsible for herself but also for her children, ensuring that they were well fed.

One day, in November 2017, the desperate mother went to a local store in her hometown to buy groceries. When she returned home from Food Lion, West was arrested by two Hillsborough cops outside her home.

HPD Senior Corporal Keith Bradshaw. | Source: YouTube.com/KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas


But the question was, what did the North Carolina resident do to get the police to arrest her for questioning? Turns out HPD officers Senior Corporal Keith Bradshaw and his partner showed up at her house to investigate a theft.

The woman was deeply touched by the generosity of the officers and thanked them for their kindness.

Cops reported that West was caught stealing approximately $36 worth of food from Food Lion. When they asked her if she stole the groceries, she admitted to the crime. But as the woman apologized, her voice stopped and she started crying.


According to HPD, life was extremely hard for West and his three adopted children who had been starved for three days. A teary-eyed West confessed:

“We called the churches and everything and everyone was like ‘We go through the Interfaith Council, we go through this and through that’ and nobody would give us anything. We had nothing.”

With nowhere to go and no one to ask for help, West said she decided to take what she could not afford. She added: “I had to go out and steal food, and it’s desperate, and I’m sorry I did what I did, but my kids were hungry.”


The cops were moved by West’s story and decided to see if it was verified. One of the officers entered his home and discovered that his kitchen and fridge were empty. Officer Bradshaw recalls:

“I opened the fridge and it was completely empty. I think there was a small packet of cheese in it.”

While the HPD initially took the mother of three into custody, they decided to do something to rectify the situation. After careful consideration, Bradshaw and his partner said they went to the store and spent $140 of their own money on groceries for West.


HPD relayed the incident in a Facebook post dated November 6, 2017. The social media post has gone viral and garnered over 2.5,000 reactions and over 450 comments to date. Part of the caption read:

“Sometimes policing isn’t easy. We’re people first and cops second. More often than not the compassion for our #communitypartners shines through. THIS IS #HillsboroughPolicing, and Master Corporal Brashaw and Officer Spragins should be commended for that.”

After West was released on bail, she was surprised when she saw the HPD officers returning to her house with two cars piled high with food. The woman was deeply touched by the generosity of the officers and thanked them for their kindness.

But that was not all. Bradshaw and his partner said they assured West they would continue to help her find the support she needed from local nonprofits. Thanks to the HPD agents, West and his children finally had something to eat and someone to rely on.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think the desperate mother’s actions were justified given her circumstances? What would you do if you were the officers? Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us and stay tuned for more exciting content.


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