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Did Twitter boss Elon Musk really just cut employees’ paid family leave from 20 weeks to two?



Twitter boss Elon Musk has reportedly cut the company’s paid parental leave offer from 20 weeks to just two, according to New York Times tech reporter Kate Conger.

In the same week as us at Charm, in partnership with Paid Leave for All, launched our #passpaidleave campaign in the US, Musk reportedly removed Twitter’s competitive parental leave policy. This leaves the company well out of step with the big tech companies in the country and is a blow to the entire workforce, but in particular to women, many of whom may be forced back to work bleeding and exhausted. , in order to pay their bills and not fall. indebted.

According to internal documents seen by Conger, the policy is “modified by whatever is required by law in the region where the employees work, as well as a ‘top-up'” of two weeks off.

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In America, where there is no national policy for paid family leave, the Family and Medical Leave Act guarantees your employment for 12 weeks of leave unpaid— forcing millions of Americans each year to choose between family and a paycheck.

It’s unclear whether Musk’s new policy takes into account paid state leave offers — 12 U.S. states offer some form of paid family and medical leave. In California, many workers are entitled to up to eight weeks of paid state leave, and in New York City up to 12.

But many furious former Twitter employees have taken to the social media platform to point out that with many workers based in states that don’t offer state-based paid time off, they will now only receive the two weeks paid by the company.

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This content can also be viewed on the website comes from Since.


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