Dillon confirmed as CEO at last, McRae ‘lost his mind’ over screaming ref



The AFL will appoint Andrew Dillon as the new chief executive after a protracted global search resulted in the man in an office near incumbent Gillon McLachlan.

Dillon is currently the AFL’s Executive Managing Director of Football Operations, Legal Affairs and Integrity, as well as the organisation’s General Counsel.

He will replace McLachlan at the end of this season in a move to be announced at a press conference in Melbourne on Monday morning.

McLachlan will continue as chief executive to address issues such as the entry of a Tasmanian club into the AFL and the ongoing independent investigation into allegations of historic racism at Hawthorn.

McLachlan announced he was quitting his job in April last year and wanted to retire at the end of last season.

But he was asked to stay by the AFL commission as part of a global search for a replacement.

The hunt finally landed on Dillon, who joined the league in 2000 as legal counsel.

Dillon has since held several positions, including managing director of areas including legal and business affairs, as well as national and international development.

Andre Dillon. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

‘I’ve lost my mind’: McRae reacts to screaming referee in thrilling Pies win

Coach Craig McRae admits he ‘lost his mind’ in a ‘staggering’ refereeing error in Collingwood’s AFL one-point win over Adelaide.

But the no-nonsense Magpies boss says there’s no point cooking up a decision involving Nathan Murphy – or other questionable calls – in a frantic final at Adelaide Oval.

Murphy was placed under a high ball in the final quarter when Crow Darcy Fogarty slammed into him, from the front.

The Magpie appeared to hold the mark but he was not called, nor did he receive a free kick, despite the high frontal contact which forced him off the pitch with a bleeding nose.

To complicate the situation, play was not interrupted as Murphy was assisted from the field, and the ball nearly hit him and the medics as they headed for the bench.

Collingwood’s Jordan De Goey pushed him over the boundary line, assuming play should be stopped – but he was penalized for deliberate offside.

“I lost my mind,” McRae said.

“Because one, whether it’s a mark or a free kick – either, you could argue.

“But then there’s blood and he tries to get off the pitch and we didn’t have the chance to replace the player at the critical moment.

“I was amazed.”

McRae said he would not seek an explanation from the referees, but “found it amazing”.

Nor will Magpie’s coach ask why an obvious free-kick to Ash Johnson in the final minutes went unpaid. The Pie striker, in the goal square, was clearly taken high by Adelaide’s Jordon Butts.

“Right now I’m ‘what’s going on here,'” McRae said.

“But then you move on. There’s nothing you can do about it now, can you?

“You can go over every decision they made or didn’t make, that’s not where we live.

“We make a lot more mistakes than them.

“You make mistakes and move on, that’s how I see it.”


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