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Distant dad bribes nanny to see his son, one day she realizes the child is missing – Story of the day


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When Dorothy filed for divorce from ex-husband Matthew, she told him never to speak to her or their son, Mitch, again. But Mitch desperately needed a father figure, and Dorothy found out the hard way.

Dorothy met Matthew when she moved to town in middle school, and the two became high school sweethearts. Their romance comes straight out of a movie. Matthew was the jock and ended up becoming the captain of the football team. Dorothy was the blonde cheerleader every boy wanted.

The two lovebirds only had eyes for each other and ended up attending the same college. While Matthew completed her degree in sports science, Dorothy interrupted her studies after becoming pregnant. “I promise you won’t have to worry. I’ll take care of us,” Matthew promised Dorothy.

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Things started to turn sour because Matthew was still working long hours coaching the college football team and not helping around the house. Even after their son was born, Mitch, Dorothy and Matthew started arguing more often.

“The least you can do is come and help me around the house. You always come home after dark,” Dorothy told her. It all came to a breaking point when Matthew snapped Dorothy during an argument. “You need me! What are you going to do with a high school diploma?” Matthew cried out in anger.

“Matthew’s phone is off, and I don’t know where they are.”

Dorothy quickly filed for divorce, deeply offended by Matthew’s words and behavior. One of Dorothy’s friends helped her find a job that allowed her to work from home. Although a judge ruled that Dorothy and Matthew should share custody, Dorothy forbade Matthew from coming to the house.

Matthew decided to keep his distance to avoid making matters worse. He tried to prove he would be a current dad by cutting his work hours and making time for Mitch. “I bought some time. Every other day I can hang out with him while you work. We can find a balance,” Matthew pleaded.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Getty Images

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Getty Images

“The answer is still no. Stay away from here,” Dorothy replied.

Whether she wants to admit it or not, Dorothy let her feelings get the better of her. Matthew had made her feel like she couldn’t succeed in the world without him. She made it her mission to prove him wrong and prove to herself that she could be a successful single mother.

Eventually, she started a small business using the money she had saved, which required her to travel to see clients. Rather than asking Matthew to help her, Dorothy hired a nanny named April to watch Mitch. This gave Matthew an idea.

During college football’s offseason, Matthew started checking in when Dorothy was away from home. One day when she was away, Matthieu went to visit the house. When April opened the door, Matthew tried to convince her to let him see her son.

“Dorothy hasn’t allowed me to visit my boy since the divorce. He’s going to be 4 and needs to have his dad in his life,” Matthew explained.

“I’m sorry, but Dorothy told me I shouldn’t allow you here,” April replied.

“Please, I’m begging you. No matter what she pays you, I’ll double it if you let me spend time with him. I want to take her to the park and spend father-son time with her. Mitch,” Matthew pleaded.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Getty Images

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Getty Images

Although she was hesitant at first, April decided to accept the offer. She needed to pay off her student loans and could really use the money. What’s wrong with a boy seeing his father, she thought. Everything was fine for a while.

Matthew picked up Mitch when Dorothy was at work and dropped him off an hour before Dorothy returned. Two months later, Matthew took care of Mitch but did not drop him off at the agreed time. When April tried to call Matthew, her phone went straight to voicemail.

“I just wanted to hang out with Mitch.”

April started to panic as she wasn’t sure where they might be, and Dorothy was already on her way home. To make matters worse, Dorothy and Mitch were due to go on vacation the next day. Dorothy found April crying in the front yard when she arrived home.

“I’m so sorry Dorothy, Mitch has been with Matthew. He’s been paying me to visit him for a few months now. But Matthew’s phone is off, and I don’t know where they are,” April admitted. Dorothy immediately went into panic mode.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Getty Images

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Getty Images

“April, come home right away. Call me if Matthew and Mitch come back while I’m gone,” Dorothy told April.

Dorothy got straight into her car and drove off to find her son. She feared the worst. Maybe Matthew took Mitch to live somewhere out of town or kidnapped him.

She checked Matthew’s office on the college campus, but no one had seen him all day. To be sure, Dorothy asked if he was still working for the college.

“Yeah, he was just here yesterday working on tactics for next season. He’ll be back tomorrow,” Matthew’s assistant coach told Dorothy. That left Matthew’s house as the only place she thought they could be. When Dorothy arrived she could see Matthew and Mitch playing in the front yard.

She was going to give Matthew a bite to eat first but decided to watch the two play for a while. She could see that Mitch was happy to spend time with his father. Mitch was generally a quiet boy at home and didn’t usually play outside. Dorothy realized that her son needed his father.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Getty Images

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Getty Images

She got out of her car and approached Matthew. His eyes widened because he knew he was taken. He took his phone out of his pocket to check the time before saying, “I’m so sorry Dorothy, my phone is dead.” I just wanted to hang out with Mitch, but you want to…”

“- Matthew, I understand. I admit that I deprived you of quality time. I’ll let you spend time with Mitch, but you and I also have things to discuss,” Dorothy told him.

Matthew and Dorothy had dinner to discuss how to move forward. Matthew apologized for his past behavior and the way he spoke to her. Dorothy apologized for letting her feelings affect her relationship with their son. From that point on, the two were perfect co-parents for Mitch.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don’t say unnecessary things in anger. Even though they were arguing, Matthew didn’t have to insult Dorothy and offend her. He could have taken a step back and reacted calmly.
  • People deserve a second chance. Even though they argued, Matthew deserved to have a relationship with his son and the ability to apologize to Dorothy.

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