Does Sunless Tanner work on dark skin? We discovered

The second option I tried for the experiment is Hi Beautiful You’s Be You Body Perfecting Bronzer ($48). This one is a little different from the Kora Organics lotion as it is a lotion that provides an instant tan and can be washed off immediately later. I decided to try this one because it’s easy to apply and seems to have a much darker bronze color. Although this one appeared darker and added a slight bronze look after I applied it, there still wasn’t much of a noticeable difference. I did a second coat and applied a little to see if I could build it up more. It helped, but as you can see in the photo above, there’s still no super noticeable difference. I liked this option because it was easy to apply, didn’t look streaky or artificial despite its darker color, and was also quite hydrating. If you’re looking for a self tanner that’s easy to use quickly and can easily wash off later, I’m definitely going to give this one a try.

As for those with darker skin who are curious to try self-tanners, I honestly don’t think they make a huge difference. A bronzer or body shimmer would enhance darker skin tones much more than a self-tanner. I think I was expecting at least a bit more tanning effect with both, but I have to keep in mind that these types of products are primarily for people who are pale and looking to achieve a tanning look that I ‘ve already naturally possess.

All in all, I still had fun trying the products and my curious mind can now rest easy. If you’re looking for a few other self tanners, body shimmers, or bronzers to enhance or darken your natural skin tone, I’ve always got you covered. Keep scrolling below.


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