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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Son Leland Chapman and Wife Jamie Still Seem Happy Together

Leland Chapman rose to fame thanks to his famous father’s bounty hunting TV series. Apart from his career as a fugitive hunter, he has acquired some interesting hobbies. Learn more about Leland’s career and love life.

Leland Chapman, son of infamous “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Duane Lee Chapman, has his own family and has successfully established himself in the entertainment and sports industry.

He rose to fame as a television actor and reality television personality. He also appeared in rapper Baby Bash’s “Unforgivable” music video. Leland also starred in his father’s reality TV programs.

Leland Chapman at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on September 24, 2008 in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images

Leland was born on December 14, 1976, in Groom, Texas to his mother, La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, Duane’s ex-wife. Leland’s mother-in-law was the late Beth Chapman, who died in 2019 after a battle with throat cancer.

Even though he comes from a family with a history of tracking down fugitives, Leland’s attention span has widened. He competed in amateur boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions and even trained with former boxing champion Jesus “The Hawaiian Punch” Salud.

Leland had two fights in the boxing ring, where he came out on top both times. Two of his opponents, Nolan “Sulla” Mower (1993) and Sam Quell (2009), were amateur boxers, and he defeated them both.

Unfortunately for Leland, he lost to Lincoln Tyler in an MMA match in 2000. There isn’t much information on whether or not Duane’s son continued to compete in combat sports; nevertheless, the young fighter started his own family.

Leland has three children: two boys named Dakota and Cobie and a girl named Leiah. Dakota and Cobie, born in March 1995 and December 2007 respectively, are the TV star’s sons from his 12-year marriage to ex-wife Maui Chapman.

Meanwhile, Leiah, Leland’s daughter with ex-girlfriend Lynette Yi, was born in 2010. After leaving his previous relationships, he is now married to Jamie Pilar Worley.


The Chapmans’ reality show is one of the most famous shows featuring the complexities of family dynamics. The family’s previous shows include “Dog the Bounty Hunter” (2004-2012) and “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” (2013-2015).

Leland quit his father’s first reality series in 2012, but he hasn’t given up on his well-known career as a professional bounty hunter. Since leaving the show, he has run his own bonding company in Hawaii, Kama’ina Bail Bonds.

In 2015 he moved to Alabama and started living with his current wife. He still works as a bail officer. In 2019, Leland, his dad, and siblings appeared on the TV show “Dog’s Most Wanted.”

Meanwhile, as he continued his work as a bounty hunter, his acting career took off. He starred with Alex McLoughlin, Scott Caan and Taylor Wily in the acclaimed 2010-2020 TV series “Hawaii Five-O”.


In 2016, Leland married tattoo model Jamie. The couple reside in Hawaii and have a puppy named Kona. Leland often professes his love for his wife while posting cute photos of her on Instagram.

Leland is not only a well-known TV star and athlete, but he is also a devoted husband.

However, the tattooed pair fueled divorce rumors after Jamie posted cryptic quotes on social media. In a since-deleted Instagram story, she wrote:

“Stop chasing after people and being the one trying to fix everything. It’s mentally and physically draining. You need to find peace with whoever comes and goes in your life. Don’t be the only one trying hard for you will lose yourself trying to save someone else.”

On Sept. 15, she posted a photo of a snide quote about what she would do if disrespected. Jamie continued to spark divorce rumors after replacing “Leland’s wife” in his Instagram bio with “JAMIE PILAR. Fiddler of gold against your soul says I’m better than you.”

With fans repeatedly asking if the couple had split, Leland and Jamie decided to put the speculation to rest by sharing their selfies and paying their respects.

He also tried to dispel the rumors by posting an old photo of him and his wife and wishing her a happy birthday. In another post, Jamie shared a now-deleted selfie of herself and Leland with the caption, “My sexy hubba hubs.”

By successfully navigating the waters of more than one career path, he established himself as a man of many talents. His family is well known in the bounty hunting industry, but he has made a name for himself as a reality TV personality and mixed martial artist.

Leland is not only a well-known TV star and athlete, but he is also a devoted husband. Given her celebrity status, it’s no surprise that online rumors about her marriage have taken off like wildfire. But Leland and Jamie’s marriage appears to be rock solid.


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