Doner kebab beats currywurst in the hearts of fast-food-conscious Germans – POLITICO


Germans increasingly prefer doner kebab to currywurst, according to a survey pitting the two specialties against each other by YouGov for the dpa news agency.

Asked to choose between Berlin’s two fattiest contributions to world cuisine, 45% of adults chose doner kebab and 37% chose currywurst. Some 15% say they like neither, which could include vegans unaware that meatless kebabs and sausages can be found in Berlin.

The shift from currywurst to döner is mostly generational, according to the poll. The sausage dusted with Indian spices and drowned in spicy ketchup – which first appeared in Berlin after World War II – is more popular with older Germans, especially men. Fans of Berlin’s version of the Middle Eastern dish, made popular by Turkish immigrants in the 70s, tend to be younger and more feminine.

While 47% of women prefer doner kebab and only 30% choose currywurst, both dishes are almost on par with men (43 for sausage and 42 for wrap). While people over 55 generally prefer currywurst, kebab is almost three times more popular than wurst among 18-24 year olds.

When it comes to national cuisine, Gen Z Germans prefer Italian cuisine (21%) to their own (15%).


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