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Drew Afualo’s father, Tait Afualo, was an NFL player and now runs a business with his wife



Popular TikToker and podcaster Drew Afualo is of Samoan descent due to his father, former NFL player Tait Afualo finding his roots there. Her parents influenced her in many ways.

Drew has found a large following on TikTok, where she provides her fans with laugh-filled days through her funny monologues and occasional dialogues with family members. With over 330 million likes on her videos, she also feels the need to inspire her fellow Samoans so that they can rise to prominence in businesses other than the NFL and WWE.

The TikToker says the Polynesian matriarchal culture is a big part of her and draws inspiration from her parents’ relationship. Drew’s parents, Tait and Noelle Afualo, are successful businessmen who own a financial company. Besides Drew, they have two other children and have been married for over two decades.

Drew Afualo’s father is of Samoan descent

Drew’s father, Tait, traces its roots in Samoa, where he grew up, but currently resides in Corona, California with his family. He married Noelle, with whom he celebrated their 23rd anniversary in April. The couple share three children, two daughters and a son.

Although the ages of their children are not readily available in the public sphere, the eldest is their daughter Deison. She is followed by Drew, who, like their father, is also a celebrity. Finally, Tait and Noelle have a son whose name is publicly unknown. He was 16 in April 2021.

Drew says she learned a lot from her mother and older sister. They inspired her to be independent and confident while understanding that not everyone will like her. She says, “[Y]You could be the prettiest, fittest, most attractive girl in the world – and there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like you for whatever reason.”

With the family having a strong Samoan influence, Drew also explained why this Polynesian cultural background influenced his approach to life. She pointed out that the culture is matriarchal, and she was amazed at how her father treated her mother, and the same goes for how men treat their wives.

Therefore, Drew is proud to use her fame to expose Samoan culture to the world. Therefore, she also wants her fellow Samoans to know that they can have the life they desire without the limitations of their physical or cultural attributes.

She explained that many Samoans are athletic which has led to the belief that they are only cut out to play in the NFL or as WWE wrestlers when they can be so much more. For example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was both an NFL player and a wrestler, but went on to have a successful career as a movie star.

Drew Afualo’s father and mother have their own business

Tait is known for his time in the NFL, where he played for the Arizona Cardinals for four seasons. He was a late bloomer as he was in the running for the 2001 NFL Draft despite being 28 and already a father of three. Before that, he played football for Golden West Junior College in 1995 and Santa Ana in 1998.

After retiring from competitive sports, Tait joined the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and worked there for another ten years. His LinkedIn profile shows that he has worked for World Financial Group since March 2016. Despite his retirement, he still spends a lot of time in the gym.

Noelle has also had a successful career in finance and is an expert in public relations. She worked as a public relations agent for two decades, earning a high salary but working too many hours. Therefore, his desire to help others regain their time after retirement inspired the couple to start a financial planning business.

The couple founded Ohana Financial Partners, which offers services to help their community, including financial literacy, retirement planning and business planning. With her rich experience in the world of cooperation, Noelle is the CEO and the company has been in existence since 2016.



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