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EU set to unveil new anti-Russian sanctions – Reuters

They would include a ban on gold imports

The European Commission (EC) is set to adopt its seventh set of Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia on Friday, Reuters reports, citing sources. It would contain a ban on importing Russian gold into the EU and via third countries.

The sources pointed out that Brussels will also tighten some previous restrictions, including imposing new restrictions on the import of goods that can be used for military purposes, such as chemicals and machinery.

New people and entities considered close to the Kremlin would be added to the EU blacklist imposing asset freezes and travel bans.

The EC will also modify previous punitive measures to ensure they do not hit Russian food and grain exports, several officials told Reuters.

Some of the proposed changes also aim to ensure that existing restrictions – such as the ban on Russian vessels from accessing EU ports – are not misinterpreted by trading entities, said one of the sources. The port ban, for example, already allows Russian ships carrying food or medicine to enter EU ports.

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Meanwhile, while specifying that Russian ships loaded with food and medicine can enter ports, for other ships, the ban should be strengthened by preventing such ships from unloading their cargoes on the outer quays, thus circumventing the sanctions, the sources said.

EU envoys are expected to discuss the new package next week for final approval before the summer break, according to Reuters.

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