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Everything we know about him and their relationship

Mariah Carey still believes in love after two failed marriages, and age is no obstacle! The award-winning singer enjoys an admirable relationship with Bryan Tanaka, her young lover with whom she worked for a long time. Here’s everything you need to know about Carey’s idol.

Recently, the “Heartbreaker” singer showed her support for the LGBTQ community by hosting a gay romantic comedy screening. Next to her was her main man, Bryan Tanaka, who held her hand reassuringly as they walked.

Tanaka dressed in street style, pairing a framed white inner shirt with a black varsity leather jacket, blue jeans and fashionable kicks.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka attend HBO’s 2018 Golden Globe Awards Official After Party on January 7, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

It matched the vibrancy of the singer as she stepped out in an elegant black sequin dress personalized with the movie title “Bros.”

The songbird wore color-matched tights with Christain Louboutin stilettos. She added a rainbow sequin jacket, minimal jewelry and sunglasses.


Tanaka assumed celebrity status once he became romantically involved with the famous singer. But he is not a guide. He has a successful career and worked with Carey’s dance team.

Tanaka, a Washington native, started working as a backup dancer with the ‘Fantasy’ star. In 2006, he shared the stage with the singer during her “Adventures of Mimi” tour.

During an interview, the dancer maintained that Carey gave him a chance to prove himself after noticing his skills; they have worked closely together ever since. In his words:

“She saw something in me that I didn’t recognize at first, from there it was over. It was written in history that we were going to be connected somehow .”

Tanaka has worked with and enjoyed the company of other notable celebrities, including Beyonce and John Legend. Yet he continues to remain loyal to Carey – in terms of commitment to his team; the dancer now works as a creative director.


Unlike her previous relationships, the singer chose to keep her romance with Tanaka more private. Their romance was confirmed in 2016 when they partied on Carey’s private jet.

Despite speculation, neither of them confirmed the rumors until February 2017, when Carey explained that she preferred to keep their romance away from the public eye.

A few months later, they separated but reunited soon after. Countless dates followed and plenty of images showing the lovers enjoying their picture-perfect romance.

Another interesting fact about them is that Tanaka was never intimidated by the success of his beau and was always proud to show it off online.

In 2020, after completing his memoir, the dancer shared a congratulatory message along with a sweet photo of him and Carey. The accompanying caption read:

“The world is getting to know you so much more today… You inspire me all the time… I’m so grateful to love you and support you in everything you do. Congratulations baby!”

Tanaka isn’t the only one talking online about their romance, as the singer is also in awe of her idol. After Valentine’s Day, the ‘Fantasy’ star shared her selfie, tagging it, “The Valentine’s Day marathon continues. Hour 23!”

It came after her ex-husband Nick Cannon expressed his feelings for her in a song. Carey didn’t respond to the song, but she proudly shared how her romance with Tanaka was going.


Outside of her music career and a happy life with the man of her dreams, Carey is obsessed with her children, Moroccan and Monroe, twins, whom she shares with Cannon.

Since day one, the singer has been protective of her babies and, according to her, she is keen to raise them in a supportive environment.

While the mama bear protects them from danger, she’s also fun to be around. The singer engages in fun adventures with them, including a girls’ night out, and marks their birthdays in style.

On the other hand, Tanaka accepted that children were an important part of Carey’s life and he worked to be in their good books. In 2017, the couple took the kids to LA for gym classes

Paparazzi photographed Monroe sitting on Tanaka’s neck as they strolled. It was an adorable scene – the little girl looked confident about her safety.

Bryan Tanaka and Mariah Carey’s children Moroccan and Monroe attend Mariah Carey’s After Party Concert at Sugar Factory American Brasserie on Ocean Drive on August 10, 2017 in Miami Beach, Florida. | Source: Getty Images

Tanaka is one of the few men to have been photographed with the children. Carey’s ex-lover James Packer was never seen with them. It shows the dancer’s commitment to the relationship, impressing both her lover and her children!


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