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11:59 p.m., July 04, 2023

Former captain of Saint-Etienne and of the France team in the 1960s and 1970s, Georges Bereta died on Tuesday following a long illness at the age of 77, ASSE announced. Exclusively in “Europe 1 Sport”, his former teammate Dominique Bathenay was moved by his disappearance.

He made the beautiful hours of Saint-Etienne. Former Greens left winger Georges Bereta died at the age of 77 on Tuesday following a long illness. Former captain of the Blues in the years 1960-1970, he was champion of France six times and won the Coupe de France three times. Bereta was selected 44 times (4 goals) in the France team, of which he was the captain twelve times. Dominique Bathenay, one of his former teammates, paid tribute to him in Europe 1 Sports : “I am very touched. When I arrived in Saint-Etienne, Georges Bereta was the emblematic figure of the Greens and he welcomed me with open arms”, remembered with the emotion of the former footballer.

Nicknamed “Green Elf”

Nicknamed the “green elf”, Georges Bereta made “a huge career”. “He was a brave player, he had succeeded by dint of courage and by dint of will. He established himself as one of the best French players of his time. We can only salute the man”, a tribute Dominique Bathenay at the microphone of Céline Géraud. In January 1975, he was transferred, against his will, to Marseille where he played 96 games for ten goals, notably winning, once again, the 1976 French Cup. He thus missed the famous European epic of the Greens and in had always wanted to the president at the time, Roger Rocher.

Born in Saint-Etienne, Bereta, who played left winger, played 343 games in the green jersey and scored 68 goals between 1966 and 1974. “He was a stocky, crooked left winger who had a very good ball touch. He was part of Saint-Etienne’s first big team,” said former AJ Auxerre president Guy Roux, before concluding: “He’s a friend. Every time I went to Saint -Etienne he was one of the people I met. Georges Bereta will thus have left his mark on football and will have had the good times of AS Saint-Etienne.


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