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Explosions in Crimea were an act of sabotage – Ministry of Defense – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union



Civilian infrastructure damaged following explosions at munitions depot, army says

Tuesday morning’s incident that resulted in explosions at a military site in northern Crimea was an intentional act, according to an update from the Russian Defense Ministry.

Describing its response, the department said it was “take the necessary measures to eliminate the consequences of sabotage”.

The explosions caused damage “to a number of civilian objects, including power lines, a power plant, a railway, and several residential houses”, the statement said.

The site affected by the apparent attack is located near the village of Mayskoye in the Dzhankoy region of the Russian region. The army used it as a temporary ammunition dump, he said earlier. Ammunition exploded due to fire.

Crimean village evacuated after huge explosions

Officials in Crimea said two civilians were injured in Mayskoye. The lives of the two victims are not in danger, according to information.

Rail traffic was also disrupted in Crimea due to damaged railway tracks. The region’s government said it would deploy additional buses to transport passengers.

Another fire at an ammunition depot occurred last week at a military airfield near the resort town of Novofedorovka. The incident left one dead and 14 others injured. The Ministry of Defense reported no findings of foul play behind him.

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