Weight Loss Tips

Fabulous Tipperary 2023


Hello everyone, I just joined MiniMins and posted about myself in the presentations.
Anyway, I’m 49 and would like to be a respectable weight before I turn 50.
I have trouble following specific weight plans or clubs, so I found the WeMitt forum to be the "best fit" for me here at MiniMins. I just hope to eat sensibly and exercise more. My plan is to walk about 15 km per week and swim about 100 lengths.

I said hi to a few other newbies to presentations and I’m going to wander around here.
I like the support you can get from online forums, but I find I can spend too much time trying to keep up with everyone and waste a lot of time.
I am 49 years old with a BMI of 35.3, my first goal is to lose 10.5 kilos which will give me a weight of 70 kilos and a BMI of about 30.5… to be overweight rather than obese.

So is there anyone here with a similar age and weight loss goal who would like to team up with me

WL f

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